Starting Your First Business Venture? Here’s What You Need

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Not everyone is built for the 9 to 5 life. Some people are better off straying from the path laid down before them to create their own, especially if they have big dreams that they want to follow. The truth is that there are just people who are destined to make their own marks in this great big world.

But don’t mistake choosing entrepreneurship over corporate life as the easier path to take. If anything, it’s filled with more challenges and obstacles that people must face before they even see a glimmer of success, yet all those can be deemed worthwhile because at least the successes are theirs to claim.

Being an entrepreneur won’t make you immune to hardships and failures, but they can make you a stronger player in your chosen industry. And although it may take a while before you reap the fruits of your labor, the journey can be just as rewarding. So, you must trust in the process, no matter how long and winding.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can read hundreds of online resources about what you need before opening your first business. But trying to take that in all at once can be overwhelming. To help you get started on the right foot, you need to nail these three aspects down to a tee, and you’ll be good to go:

A Clear Purpose

So many people spend their entire lives in search of a purpose for their life. And while that could be impossible to answer most of the time because no one truly knows why they are alive, the same cannot be said for entrepreneurship. When you start a business, you need a clear and definite purpose for it.

This is because having a clear purpose will help you stay on the right path throughout your journey. Your purpose will act as your internal motivation to keep going to achieve your goals, aside from being your primary income source. You must ask yourself why you want to be an entrepreneur in the first place.

It’s no longer enough to know what you must do and how you can do it. The “why” will keep you grounded and humble, especially when you’re finally getting returns on your investment. So, before anything else, be clear on what your purpose is. This can change over time, but at least you still know why you’re doing everything, to begin with.

A Feasible Plan

Starting a business from scratch is always admirable, but you don’t have to take the hard way just to prove yourself to other people. You always have the option to seek help from other people who are already established in the field you want to grow in, even if it’s just for simple tips and tricks to survive.


For instance, if you want to do a business selling cars, you must familiarize yourself with your potential competitors and how they survive in the industry. But you don’t need to find your way in the dark blindly; in fact, you can find a good car dealership franchise and work your way from there.

Unless you want to make a living out of selling your own products, the most practical way to approach entrepreneurship is by finding an established and profitable business model that you can adopt. This still depends on the industry you choose, but you can always find companies that offer training and startup assistance to their franchisers if you looked hard enough.

A Set of Achievable Goals

Running a business with no definite set of goals in mind is like traveling without a specific destination. Your goals will keep you anchored to the path you’re trying to take, but that doesn’t mean that they will restrict you. If anything, these will help you succeed in the beginning and the long run.

This is because having goals will keep you motivated and determined to work hard. When you’re working toward something, you’ll have the energy to fight through the daily battles that you need to face simply because you have a goal that you want to achieve in mind.

Creating a set of achievable goals from the get-go will give you an idea of the trajectory your business will take. But goals are not clear-cut; like your purpose, they can also change over time because they will be affected by your personal circumstances.

You can scour the internet for tips on how to run a business and be consumed by guides on how to make business plans, financing options for seed money and capital, or even filing taxes. But your purpose, mindset, and goals in doing business are what can keep you going when the monetary incentive no longer does the job.

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