Will the Delta Variant Force Us to Stay at Home Once More?

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When the vaccinations started rolling out, you were probably excited to resume all your postponed plans — going on a vacation, starting a business, buying a house, etc. Though many people still started a business or bought a house during the pandemic, it’s undoubtedly safer to do those when the risks for getting sick have been reduced. After all, they both involve some sort of close contact with other people.

Many months after COVID-19 became a pandemic, the U.S. economy and the housing market recovered. In fact, people even rushed to buy a home, with prices down and supplies low. If you still put your house-buying plans on hold then, brace yourself for delaying it even longer; the Delta variant may trample all the progress the economy has made so far.

If Delta variant cases continue to rise and more people refuse to get vaccinated, this pandemic may stretch out longer than experts have predicted. Could this mean another lockdown? If so, what can you do at home this time to stay safe while having a good time?

The Delta Variant and Health Protocols

As the Delta variant reached different parts of the world, scientists predict that the pandemic will continue for two to three more years. It’s a dreadful thought, but the only choice we have for now is to follow health protocols. That means keeping our masks on when we go outside and practicing social distancing.

There’s no final decision yet if another lockdown awaits, but we should all be prepared. Australia, South Africa, and some countries in Asia have reintroduced curfews or other restrictions to help reduce the viral spread. Japan banned spectators from the ongoing Tokyo 2020 Olympics; the capital city is in a state of emergency.

These restrictions can encourage another stay-at-home order or stricter health protocols in some parts of the U.S. People may be required to wear masks again indoors, for example. It’s already happening in Mississippi, where only less than a third of the state’s eligible population are fully vaccinated.

Whether you live in a place with herd immunity or not, it’s smart to continue following health protocols. Stay at home if you have no essential trip. If we end the Delta variant, we might end the pandemic.

The Housing Market

If travel restrictions go up to the highest level once more, the effect could be catastrophic for real estate investors. Many sectors haven’t even recovered from last year’s recession yet, so another round of travel restrictions will undo all the progress they’ve made since the vaccination programs. Furthermore, people who recently built a vacation home will find their properties useless if non-essential travel gets banned again.

The overall housing market may stay the same as in 2020, though; high demand, low supply. People may still rush to buy homes and take advantage of the low prices. And since the Delta variant could prompt another lockdown, work-from-home will continue. That means another trend during the pandemic will boom once more: home improvement and renovations.

Home Renovation Trends for 2021

With another stay-at-home order looming, we might as well start budgeting for home improvement. If you didn’t remodel your abode during the pandemic, this is the sign that you should. The pandemic may carry on for two to three years more, and remote work will become the new normal for an indefinite period; what are you waiting for?

Besides, if buying a home is too risky for you, and you don’t have any major problems with the current abode except its dated look, a renovation will be a worthy investment. The industry is booming, so home & lifestyle products could be dropping in prices.

Some renovation trends today include work-from-home-focused sanctuaries. If you don’t have a home office yet, the Delta variant is now calling for it. You don’t need a spare room; use any quiet space in your home where your desk and equipment fit.

The indoor-outdoor aesthetic is also growing in popularity and has been doing so for a while now. But it’s rather trendy these days because we can’t enjoy the outdoors that much. Luckily, achieving that aesthetic isn’t hard. If budget permits, consider switching to high-end hardwood floors and installing that same flooring on your patio. It will create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Separate the two with an oversize window or glass sliding doors to enhance the effect.

But you don’t have to follow trends to enjoy your time at home. What’s more important is using decorations and design elements that fit your taste and personality. You might be staying home for an indefinite period, so own your space and spruce it up like no one’s watching. Home improvement can give you something worthwhile to think about, allowing you to stay at home studying your space instead of going out and risking your health.

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