How to Protect Your Home During Renovation


Remodelling your home can cause more harm than good if you don’t lay down the proper temporary protection first. As you buy your construction needs such as high-quality dry lining supplies and other materials, here are the temporary protection products you should have in your shopping list:

1. Plastic

Light plastic can work well in covering windows and air ducts, as well as creating barriers so dust doesn’t travel all around the house while construction is ongoing.

2. Tape


Get a good quality painter’s tape that you can use to secure the plastic to your window frames and door jambs. Don’t use tape that can rip the paint or wallpaper from your walls (and yes, that includes duct tape).

3. Dust barrier

A dust barrier creates a temporary wall between the room you’re doing construction in and the rest of the house. This barrier filters the dust in the room but allows a good amount of airflow to keep the room insulated.

4. Rubber coating

Are you doing renovation in the bathroom? If so, you can avoid damaging your tub with scratches by painting it with a thick and durable paint-on rubber coating. This product is much easier to use than plastic or tarp covering and will give your tub full protection during the renovation.

5. Tarp

A tarp is one of the most useful materials for remodelling projects. It can act as general temporary protection for floors and walls while allowing for easy cleanup after and in-between projects. Moreover, it’s inexpensive, reusable, and can be used for many other types of projects.

6. Shoe covers

Don’t want people to track dust and mud all around the house? Get some shoe covers! They’re cheap and easy to take on and off, so people won’t have to take off their shoes when entering a different part of the house. You can get a pack of shoe covers for cheap at your local hardware store.

7. Protection boards

Carpeted floors are susceptible to stains and dust heavy dust accumulation during remodelling. Luckily, you can get protection boards that can be easily cut and installed to fit on your floors.

8. Cardboard rolls

If you want to have a more eco-friendly option for floor protection, choose cardboard rolls. This product is made from a biodegradable and water-resistant material, which can be easily installed and removed from your floors. Compared to other types of floor protection, cardboard rolls are more economical, so consider buying them as temporary protection if your budget is quite limited.

9. Edge protection

You can get heavy-duty edge protection if you are planning to do more than one renovation project in your house. But if you don’t want to spend a lot, you can get ones that are made from recycled cardboard (or even make some using discarded boxes in your house).

No matter how small or large your project may be, temporary protection is vital if you don’t want to spend more money on repairs and unnecessary touch-ups. Remember these recommendations if you are planning to remodel your house soon.

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