Should You Have Your Home Renovated While on Vacation?

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Many homeowners meet the idea of having their homes remodeled while they are away with anxiety. It brings up many worries about the quality of the contractors’ work and the safety of your belongings. With these valid concerns in mind, is it then always a bad idea to relocate or go on vacation during your home renovation?

It is important to note that specific home repairs require you to move away for your safety, such as bathroom remodeling and mold removal. But outside of these renovations, it takes the right type of changes, a reliable contractor, and trustworthy people to opt to go on vacation with peace of mind.

Questions to Ask Before Renovating While on Vacation

While searching for on-sale motor coaches to bring on your next road trip, take the time to know if this is the right move for you. Ask yourself the following questions first.

1. What kind of renovations do you need?

First, you have to assess the extent of the renovations that your home needs. Do you need to have just a small room redone or is it something that will interrupt your family’s daily routines significantly? This lets you know how long it will take to finish the job, which helps you easily determine if vacationing is wise.

You should also think about the need to do site checks and communicate with your contractors. Trips with the family allow you to escape the chaos that comes with any renovation, but it could also slow down the building process. Before going on a vacation, ensure that you have the means to communicate with contractors in the event that adjustments need to be made or other concerns come up.

2. What are the credentials of your contractor?

You should also do prior research about the contractor or contractors you are planning to involve in your home project. It is best to get the feedback of trusted friends and family members who have had good experiences with certain contractors. Supplement these testimonials with reviews online that detail others’ positive or negative experiences.

One aspect of their credentials to check also is how long a contractor has been in business. It is easier to entrust your home to a pricier but well-established team with a long list of clients and the proper licenses than more affordable builders who have little presence online.

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3. How does your contractor work?

When you have narrowed down your list to certain reputable contractors, look into how they work, too. See if they are easy to contact and how frequently they report progress.

One way to verify their ability to communicate is how quickly a contractor responds to inquiries and negotiations. Use this time to also learn how they relay information to clients. See if they use video conferencing tools and provide drawings and mock-ups that help you better visualize the end product of the renovation.

In short, you want to hire a contractor that is prompt, pays attention to details, and uses the right tools.

4. Can you secure your valuables?

Even when you have determined that your contractors are trustworthy, you must take the extra precaution of storing your valuables in a safe place before leaving for your vacation. Make your home look like there are no valuables in it.

If you do not have a safe or attic where you can lock away valuables, it is best to seek the assistance of a friend or family member with whom you can leave these things. These can be your jewelry, personal identification documents and records, art pieces, and other important items. You should also take pictures of all of these before your trip to keep an account of their condition pre-renovation.

5. Is there someone you can trust to oversee renovations?

Lastly, since you will not be there to periodically check on the progress of the renovations, can you entrust the responsibility of overseeing the process to someone else?

Make sure that you can tap someone who has the time and resources to routinely visit your house or even stay in it for the duration of your trip. This should also be a trusted person who understands your vision for the house and knows the changes that need to be made, so they can contact you for updates and questions.

Big renovations require a lot of trust. Before deciding to go on a vacation during your home remodeling, make sure that everyone involved in the project is someone you trust to deliver quality work. You should also make yourself available throughout the process even when you are away.

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