Habits that Make Your Possessions and Properties Last a Lifetime

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When you’re at home, you never truly notice how one object works unless you take your time inspecting it. Take your wall clock for example. You know it’s there to tell time. It’s a part of your wall, and you only notice it when you need its services.

The only time you’d look at it longer than a glance is when it stops moving, probably because it needs new batteries or it’s been clogged by dirt and debris. But because of our neglect, we tend to forget its existence, and instead of lasting for a long time, it’s due for a replacement in just a few months. To make some of your household objects last, you should follow these tips.

Cleaning It Regularly Prolongs Life Significantly

Using the earlier example, your wall clock could last longer if you cleaned it regularly. Regular dusting keeps dirt and debris from building up on hard-to-reach areas. Don’t just wait for items like these to break down before you start caring. If you don’t regularly clean them, or at least wipe the dust off them, it will be too late and they’ll break down prematurely.

If you’re too preoccupied to remember cleaning them, you can just incorporate them in your regular schedule. For example, you can group similar household items or appliances, and schedule a monthly cleaning for them. That way, you won’t have to remember when you last cleaned the television or swept the fridge’s underside.

Parts that Need Replacement

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Replacing parts is unavoidable as items break down after years of service due to wear and tear. But don’t be too quick to dump them in the bin. Some items may seem broken, but in reality, only one part is worn and everything else is fine. An electric fan, for example, would have broken blades that rattles and makes weird noises when used. The motor’s perfect, the plastic body’s spotless, so there’s no need to throw everything out. You can search for spare parts online, like checking out the website of a spring manufacturer in Ohio, if that’s the item you need to replace.


Sometimes, it’s our fault that these household items break down prematurely. We often overuse them, running them for several days straight without any rest. They could overheat and just stop working because of that.

This is typical with fans and air conditioning systems that would often run for days during the hot days. Overusing these common household items could countribute on its wear-and-tear, and even burn through their wires and electronic components. If you use any item beyond their intended function, be prepared for the consequences, like getting them repaired or buying a new one, which can eat through your budget.

Another habit that can cause the premature demise of a household item is using them for a different purpose. Remember when your TV unit was a thick, heavy CRT? We would often pile things on top of it, like books, small trinkets, or even clothes. The weight adds pressure to its internal components, and we even cover some of the vents that help keep it cool. The result? The TV gets fried because of our fault.

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