Budget-friendly Tricks to Lower Your Power Bills


These days, the effects of climate change are felt almost worldwide. Summer days become hotter and winter nights get colder. In Kansas City and many parts of the U.S., homeowners scramble to find ways to cool down their homes in the summer and enjoy ample warmth in the freezing winter.

Fortunately, there are company web pages such as www.insulatekansascity.com/spray-foam-insulation that offer cost-effective solutions to energy loss in most American homes. Spray form and other means of insulating homes have been rising in popularity due to their great benefits, particularly in keeping power consumption to a minimum.

Aside from insulating your home, you can also bring down your monthly electrical bills by following some simple tricks. The good thing about these hacks is that you don’t need to spend a lot to achieve great results.

Go full-LED

This may seem a radical move but the benefits you stand to enjoy are worth the shift. These days, LEDs are everywhere – in billboards, homes, industrial complexes, and elsewhere. This is no surprise given the environmental friendliness and power-saving features of LED products, specifically LED lights.

They may cost a bit higher than CFLs, but the eventual savings you’ll get from fully shifting to LED lights will make your initial investment worthwhile.

Have your home subjected to energy audit

If your utility company does not offer a complimentary energy audit (some does), you can conduct your own audit by clicking here.

Such a diagnostic tool will allow you to zero-in on areas in your home where you can cut down on power use. This will help you improve your score and help you save precious electrical energy in the process.


Get rid of vampire power

Vampire power refers to electrical devices that are left unplugged. Your devices may not be charging or are turned off but you can bet that they’re actually consuming electricity no matter how low.

Unplugging all idle electrical and electronic devices won’t cost you anything but can help you shave off some dollars from your monthly bills.

Turn off the lights

Like Nelly Furtado, we also strongly advocate turning off the lights whenever possible. In fact, we have a rule in our own home that we should turn off the lights from every room before leaving.

When going to bed, we only leave one or two lights inside the home (one in the hallway and another in the kitchen) and only one light outside. Although the month-over-month savings are not exactly significant, the bottom line is that we’re able to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint one light at a time.

Insulate your home

This may be the costliest energy-saving trick in this list, but it will bring the most savings to you.

Proper insulation will make your home more energy-efficient and ensure everyone’s comfort for most of the year. There are different insulation types to choose from, so getting the right one that suits your particular needs will be easy.

If you’re unsure about which insulation option is best for your home, simply consult with expert insulation installers. They can assess your home and recommend the appropriate type of insulation to guarantee the best results.

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