Keeping Burglars At an Arm’s Length

burglar with crowbar to break door to enter the house

The safety of the whole household is one main concern of any homeowner. A front yard is a place that can attract or deter burglars from approaching a person’s house. A home security system is imperative for any home.

You can try other ways to enhance the safety and security of your home, however. Here are four helpful tips you try.

Set Up a Barricade

An ideal way to protect your home from intruders is to install a durable metal fencing and a heavy-duty gate. Fences should be high and keep the locks secured. Spear points also make it harder for intruders to climb over these barriers.

Although the main goal is to protect your property, the overall aesthetics will not suffer. These installations will make your home look elegant while keeping it safe. You can also choose from a wide range of designs.

Tall fences will serve as a cover to what is inside your yard, as well. A fence will make it hard for thieves to spot any valuables you may have, like a barbecue grill or expensive pots. But it’s better to not put out expensive things in your front yard.

Turn On the Lights

Burglars do not want to be “in the limelight”. A simple act of having lights flooding your yard will have them think twice about targeting your house. Another neat trick is to install motion-sensing lights. These are fixtures that light up when somebody walks underneath them. Having a well-lit yard will also help your neighbors see if someone is moving outside your home.

You may also invest in smart LED lights inside your home. These are light fixtures that can have pre-programmed schedules. You can also control them through your phone or tablet. These will be especially helpful if you will be away for vacation. You may switch on and off your lights even from afar. This will have burglars think that the house is occupied.

Use Sounds as Deterrents

People who would try to break into your house will move as quietly as possible. But unexpected sounds will hinder them from doing so.

Having your front yard covered with gravel will alarm you if anybody is trying to get to your house. The crunching sound is a distinct sound that you cannot miss. Gravel is also not a bad landscaping element.

Another sure way to alarm you and discourage intruders is to have a dog. Incessant barking will ensue when dogs sense strangers. Another effective alternative is to have a “Beware of Dogs” sign. This is enough to discourage thieves from considering breaking into your house.

Have a Strategic Landscape Design

home's landscape design

Your plants, trees, and shrubs must not only be for beautification purposes. Careful planning of the placement and the growth of each is important. You must not have trees that grow above and near roofs and windows. These can serve as a way for burglars to have access to your house.

Shrubs and plants must be well-trimmed. An overgrown plant can be a safe hiding place for intruders. Having thorny vines or plants growing on your fences and the entryway are also good safety measures. Roses and decorative cacti are excellent choices if your concern is aesthetics.

Being smart about some elements in your front yard will help to make your house burglar-proof. Also, a cordial relationship with neighbors will help. They can help you in keeping your house safe, especially if you are away. Safety must be a priority for a better home living.

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