Infrared Sauna: Your Innovative At-home Spa Experience

After hours of stressful activities, nothing beats a soothing sweat session inside a sauna. Also known as sweat bathing, a sauna is a traditional way to detoxify the body. It uses dry heat to promote the relaxation of tired muscles. Through the years, sauna baths remain a popular activity because of their health benefits.

While many agree with the advantages, some frown upon the use of high temperatures. This reason paves the way towards the rise of infrared saunas. What does an infrared sauna do? How can it bring life to your home?

Infrared Sauna: An Overview

An infrared sauna is the modern take of the traditional sauna. It is available in compact versions, making it easy to install anywhere, especially at home. Unlike conventional heating, this latest innovation uses infrared lamps to generate heat at a lower temperature. Thus, it maximizes comfortability for its users.

Infrared saunas can penetrate and warm your body directly. Because of this feature, your body generates an intense amount of sweat. It can increase your core body temperature, which can lead to various health advantages.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

There are many health benefits from using an infrared sauna at home. Among these benefits are the following:

Boosts Overall Health and Wellness

The heat panels from the infrared sauna soothe and relaxes your muscles, significantly improving your circulation. This, in turn, enhances your capacity to perform everyday activities. The best part is, it also relieves stress, a common factor for chronic diseases and mental disorders. As your body relaxes to the effects of using an infrared sauna, peace of mind follows.

Improves Sleep Quality

Because of the natural release of endorphins, your body reaches a point where the quality of your sleep dramatically improves. Deep sleep is beneficial for everyone because it helps you store more energy, enhancing your waking hours.

Burns Calories Effectively

Sweating consumes energy. This process burns calories as well. Medical research says that you can shed approximately 300 calories in one infrared sauna session alone.

Prevents Diseases

As your body detoxifies naturally, your lymphatic system improves. This way, it increases the production of white blood cells that helps boost your immune system. Killing viruses and warding off illness are vital in this day and age.

Types of Infrared Sauna

Traditional Sauna

The traditional sauna consists of wooden materials used for its enclosure. Heated rocks are the primary source of heat inside, and a bucket of water produces steam. You can change the temperature by pouring water onto the stones to control the level of humidity.

Dry Sauna

This type of sauna is similar to the traditional sauna. Both have heated stones inside; however, a dry sauna does not require water. Instead, it relies on the heat provided by rocks. Not many people know this, but you can still pour water into the heated rock in a dry sauna. It’s kind of like an optional alternative.

Steam Bath

This type of sauna uses tiles, glass, or acrylic instead of the traditional wood as the enclosure. The humidity inside this type of sauna is considerably lower compared with the other types. However, the materials create an effect that makes it seem hotter than the actual temperature.

Your Infrared Sauna Experience

Do you want to give an infrared sauna a try? It is vital to know the different expectations when using one. Here are some tips you should remember before you get started:

Prepare Your Sauna Space

Matching your sauna with the available space at your home is important. You can also install it in your backyard. If you’re worrying about onlookers, perhaps setting a privacy fence can help. These fencing solutions can let you enjoy solitude from every perspective. With maximum privacy, there will be no limits to your sauna experience.

Test Out the Temperature

Is this your first time trying an infrared sauna? Consider bringing the temperature to the lowest range first. Then, increase the temperature as you progress with your session. Beginning your sessions from a lower range will encourage your body to adjust well to the heat.

Cool Down After Every Session

After your session, it is essential to let your body restore its temperature. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and enjoy a quick shower afterward.

Final Thoughts

An infrared sauna provides various health-related benefits. But what’s better is that you can achieve these benefits without going outside. So, why splurge on expensive sessions at the spa when you can have a personal sauna at home? Be a wise consumer, and settle with a worthwhile investment that can help you save more money in the long run.

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