Home Renovations Should Not Destroy Your Marriage

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Australians have been bitten by the home renovation bug. In the past year, many households found themselves spending thousands of dollars to improve their present dwelling.

This does not come as a surprise. People have been cooped up inside their homes for several months and, even when restrictions were lifted, travel abroad was limited. Many Australian families saved up from all the trips that were never made because of the pandemic.

In addition, the federal government offered up to $15,000 grants for major home renovation projects as part of the HomeBuilder scheme. Thousands of people have applied, and, as of January 2021, more than 16,000 have been approved.

All these resulted in a home renovation boom across Australia.

It is an exciting project, but it is also very stressful. Sometimes, it may also cause discord within the household.

The home renovation can reveal cracks within a relationship as couples navigate stresses such as budgeting, daily disruptions, and decision-making. In fact, in one survey, 43 percent of homeowners admitted that they fought with their significant other over the issue of home improvement, repair, or maintenance. Instead of building their dream homes, couples might find themselves heading to their lawyer’s office to get a divorce.

It does not have to be chaotic, and it should not threaten the relationship. Here are some tips to remain peaceful while contractors rebuild your home to how you and your partner envisioned it.

Set Your Expectations

Before you even break ground, sit down with your partner and make a list of things that you want to see in your newly renovated home. Discuss each feature that both of you have written without judgment.

When two people are making decisions, disagreements will inevitably surface. People, after all, have differences and needs. The solution is to find common ground or compromise. Understand that you will not always get what you want, but what you need is a house that you can use. Decide what is important to both of you and what you can live without. Then, create one list that includes all the features that both of you like.

This not only will reduce disagreements in the relationship, but it will also help you stick to your budget.

Stick to the Plan

Throughout the renovation project, both of you will encounter a new paint color or a photo on social media that will make you want to scrap your original plan and start over again. It is not worth it. Deviating from what you have already agreed on will only cause conflict to an already stressful project.

Moreover, there is no guarantee that a trendy idea that looks good in photos will suit your home. You might end up regretting the change, wasting money on a bad renovation project, and destroying your relationship by blaming the other person.

Just Hire a Contractor


A major home renovation project requires an expert. While you think you will save money through DIY, stress, and frustration are what you will get in return.

A professional can make sure that the entire process will go smoothly. The contractor can source the right materials from suppliers such as tileimporter.com.au, which offers a range of products for all types of home renovation projects. Moreover, the contractors can give you the outcome that you have envisioned.

Get Out of the House if You Can

The process of removing, replacing, and rebuilding parts of the house every day will be loud and disruptive. You might not get a moment of peace while your house is being renovated.

After a while, the sound of machines and tools in the background can get grating.

Some couples escape from their homes during the renovation process. They temporarily move to a hotel where they can sleep peacefully and work or study in a quiet space while the workers remodel the house.

If living somewhere else is not possible, at least try to take a break every once in a while. Renovation is an exhausting project. If you do not pause, you will get burnt out. The relationship will suffer if you exert all your time into the project.

Take a weekend off and bring your partner and your kids someplace else to have fun while your house is under construction.

All relationships encounter challenges and, sometimes, problems arise when couples are going through a major event such as a home renovation project. Do not let it destroy your relationship. Strengthen your communication, be honest, and, most importantly, be patient.

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