Upgrades That Will Make Your Car Feel Brand New

You’ve had the same car for years, and maybe you feel like it’s getting old. Your first instinct would be to get a brand new car with a different model, a new look, and upgraded features. But is that really necessary?

Why don’t you save up on the expense of buying a new car and upgrade yours instead? If you’re getting sick of the looks of your old car, or you just want to give it a little more personality, here are upgrades and installations you can make.

Powder-coated wheels

A common aesthetic upgrade car owners make on their wheels is powder coating. This process involves applying a colored powder to the surface of an aluminum rim to change the color or design. There are many colors to choose from, according to your preference, to enhance the look of your wheels.

Powder coating is not only for aesthetic purposes. It also has operational benefits. The new refinished layer helps resist damage like corrosion, fading, rust, and scratches. There are wheel powder coating services in Utah that provide environmentally-friendly powder coating finishes.

Vinyl wrap

There’s nothing that ruins the overall look of a car than a worn down or damaged exterior. Scratches and old paint jobs contribute a lot to making a car look older than it really is.

Many car owners would opt to go with a vinyl wrap to improve the look of their car instead of getting a paint job. That’s because getting a vinyl wrap is much cheaper. Plus, wraps have a wide variety of different colors, textures, and finishes to choose from. There’s more liberty for the car owner to choose a type of vinyl wrap according to his or her preferences.


You might not notice it, but your seats are probably starting to wear out. It’s not only the exteriors of your vehicle that need upgrading. You might want to install new equipment inside too.

Car seats need to be comfortable enough to sustain long drives. They should also be sturdy and capable of holding you in place during bumpy rides. Find car seats suitable for you and your passengers.


car engine

This part of the car is often neglected. But they serve a really important purpose. Bushings help mute vibrations, engine noise, transmission, etc. They tend to wear out as well, which is why you start hearing squeaks and noises while driving.

Replacing them with fresh bushings will make your vehicle feel brand new again. You’ll be hearing a lot less noise and experience smoother rides.

Carbon parts

The standard build of a car involves heavy metal panels. But some car owners like swapping these with carbon body parts. It helps reduce weight in the car, which they find increases speed and ease while driving.

Some carbon parts also provide extra venting, which helps release hot air inside the car and improves the vehicle’s cooling system.

Steering wheel

One part of a car that many owners like customizing are the steering wheel. Replacing the steering wheel adds a nice extra personalized touch in the vehicle’s interior.

Appearance aside, a good steering wheel can also help with operational functions. For example, smaller-diameter wheels would require less effort and energy to change directions compared to larger-diameter ones.

By now, you’ve probably realized that a vehicle upgrade doesn’t mean getting a brand new car. Some small fixes and additional installations can do the trick.

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