Signs that Your Best Friend Is Toxic


Friends are loyal, reliable, and supportive companions. They are fundamental to living a happier and more fulfilling life. However, your closest friend can sometimes be a source of your mental fatigue and unhappiness. And it’s difficult to recognize a toxic friendship because you don’t want to see it. But just because your best friend has been with you forever doesn’t mean she’s good for you. Here are some signs when keeping your best friend might no longer be the best decision:

She is jealous and insecure.

Friends are supposed to take pride in your achievements and celebrate your success. However, jealousy can damage any relationship because it interferes with a person’s ability to be supportive. Jealous friends try to hide their real emotions, but they express it through veiled insults or more subtle behavior.

Whenever you buy something new or did something fun, your BFF would do the same thing or do better. Did you purchase a new bathroom vanity and your friend suddenly developed an interest in interior design? Or maybe you went to Bali, then your friend started bragging about her unplanned vacation in New Zealand. It seems ridiculous, but when insecurity takes over, your friend will do everything to keep up.

A jealous friend might talk about you behind her back. Your best friend might not even realize that she’s insecure, but she will feel displeased when you achieve something that she wants for herself. She will justify her feelings with excuses like you become too arrogant or you’ve changed after being successful.

She humiliates you deliberately.


While gentle teasing and constructive feedback are elements of many good friendships, being shamed in social settings is another story. If your friend cracks mean jokes at your expense, criticizes your fashion, and makes fun of you in front of a crowd, she is abusive. Your close friend should make your life better, but it’s time to step back if her humiliating criticisms tear your down. Tactless, sharp, and intimidating comments can shake you to the core and damage your self-esteem. If you have discussed your feelings with your friend and she still holds on to her old habits, it’s a sign that you have to end your friendship.

She’s a bad influence.


Real friends should always guide you to make the best decisions in life. But toxic friends will try to drag you in dangerous situations and influence you to have unhealthy behaviors. Maybe your BFF knows you’re driving home, but she insists on giving you an extra bottle. Or she pushes you to lie to your parents, spouse, or other friends. She might urge you to do things that you’re not comfortable doing, such as excessive partying, drinking, or gossiping. But you don’t refuse because you always fear her reaction. Remember that toxicity is contagious and you have to let the friendship go before it spreads to you.

Friendships should be nurturing and uplifting. If your best friend makes you feel down instead of being the cheerleader, its time to reevaluate your relationship. You might feel guilty about saying goodbye, but a toxic friendship isn’t worth saving.

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