Top Office Design Trends for 2020

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We have always been on the lookout for the latest trends in architecture and design. It helps us stay at the top of our game as a commercial office fitouts provider in Melbourne. We looked around and came up with this shortlist of some of the top office space design trends in 2020.

2020 Office Space Design Trends

Focus on Sustainability

With almost everyone getting on the go-green bandwagon, designers and architects have sought different ways of converting buildings and workspaces to become more sustainable and environment-friendly.

The move towards green architecture keeps growing. The use of repurposed and reclaimed materials is on the rise. The incorporation of green walls and vertical gardens in workplaces has increased in popularity over the last couple of years.

The emphasis on tech-driven energy efficiency, ecological compliance, and environmental conservation is the main driver of this particular design trend. It not only helps keep your workplace hip and stylish, but it also allows you to help save Mother Earth.

More Emphasis on Flexibility

Today’s workforce is completely different from the previous generation. They now want a sense of freedom and flexibility in the work they do. They are nomadic, in a sense, always moving and going. This is why remote work is now such a huge trend for young professionals. 

For the same reason, workplaces must adapt to this kind of culture and be more reactive to accommodate this generation’s personalities and preferences.

Translated into design and architecture, this flexibility is manifested into open and inclusive workspaces. Having these types of spaces give employees more adaptability, mobility, freedom, and flexibility.

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Domesticated Work Spaces

Over the past few years, there has been a shift in corporate design. From rigid and formal themes to a more informal and cozy design, office spaces have evolved into becoming more “domesticated.” 

More offices are adding kitchens, food counters, couches, area rugs, and flowerpots to their spaces to make the space more inviting and relaxing. This enables employees to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Workspaces with these amenities are attractive to workers and clients and make them excited to go to work every day. This kind of motivation builds better team dynamics and stronger morale in the workplace.

Added Attention to Community

Talking about team dynamics, the added emphasis on community and communal workstations promotes greater interaction between employees. Having this kind of environment strengthens interpersonal relationships at work. 

Businesses are now working with designers and architects to create spaces that promote a sense of community, greater interaction, and shared values. This is not just to accommodate a trend to keep employee satisfaction high, but it is a response to the ever-changing lifestyle needs and preferences of employees.

Addressing this helps bring the workforce back to the offices which help boost company morale and improve employee relationships.

Improve your company’s performance by incorporating these design elements into your office space. These will not only improve employee satisfaction, but will also encourage employees to go (back, for remote workers) to an office setting and be excited about it.

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