Getting Ready for Your Wichita Road Trip

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The idyllic small-town feel of Haysville’s sunset, the adventure in Juncture Hill, and the iconic Mushroom Rock State Park are just some of the lovely places you can check out. Unfortunately, Wichita is one of the Thrillist underrated city lists in the US and unjustly so.

The city of Kansas has so much to offer to tourists, and a road trip is one of those things that can begin and take off from the roads of Wichita. You can do an interstate tour or just stay within the bounds of Wichita, depending on your preferences.

This is not Oz, where you can have magic slippers for transport. But at least you can have a car and drive around town like a boss. Are you ready to channel your inner realistic Dorothy and explore Kansas’ Wichita? Do this road trip safely and efficiently with these essentials on the road.

Road Trip Itinerary

Make sure you have your waypoints marked out. A plan is good since it will help keep you on schedule and align your pit stops or bathroom breaks in between accordingly. You cannot plan for all contingencies but at least have a basic itinerary that you will follow during your road trip so you won’t have a problem.

Car Gear and Safety

It also pays to know your emergency car accessories from in Wichita, Kansas. Make sure you have enough car gear and safety items in your car so that you can fix things in cases of tire replacements for blown tires, emergency hazard lights to alert fellow motorists, and many others.

Provisions for the Journey

Where’s the fun in a road trip if you don’t have enough snacks for the journey? Stock up your car with goods that are not easily perishable and filling to the stomach so that you won’t go hungry. Have cans of soda or water handy too in case you need to hydrate, especially in the middle of the day.

A Cool Playlist

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Some good old country music may accompany you well in this cultural heritage of a tour in Wichita. You can also have upbeat tunes to keep you from nodding off or dozing off in the road dangerously. Find something that you can download so that you won’t be bogged down by signal issues in some areas.

Contingency Plans

Have an emergency contact number handy in cases of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances that require you to adapt Plan B. These contingency plans can help save you time and stress when the situation does come to it despite your best preparations.

Have Happy Companion/s

Share the journey with a friend who knows how to have fun. The journey, when shared, is double or triple the fun than when you are going on a solo trip. This will make for a lot of memorable moments that are worth sharing with the best buddies you can bring on the trip.


Once you have cleared all the essentials for the road trip, take a scenic road trip in Wichita. You will undoubtedly find a lot of spots that are good for the gram, invigorating to the soul, and meaningful as an overall experience.

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