Revitalize the Tennis Court and Play Hard Again

Apart from dead balls, the other thing that makes tennis players unmotivated to play is a dilapidated court. You have to understand that they are paying for the time that they occupy the court, and when they don’t get their money’s worth, then off they go. If you’re running a commercial tennis court, maintenance can be a challenging but necessary investment. But keep in mind that if your court is well-maintained, customers will love it and play on it repeatedly.

What’s a good way to revitalize your court? Tennis court resurfacing in Utah or wherever you’re located is your best bet.

Best Practice in Tennis Court Resurfacing

Have you seen a tennis court that seems like nobody has played on it? How do the owners keep it that way? If you’re an avid tennis player (apart from being a tennis court owner), you would know that courts would eventually wear out. So how do you keep an immaculate court? Here are some best practices in court construction and resurfacing.

  1. Construct the court properly

    Quality court construction is necessary if you want your coating system to stay long. If the slope of the court is not right, water will form puddles after heavy rain. Not only will this affect the performance of the court, but it will also affect the adhesion of the coating system. Another thing that you need to consider is the proper drainage system so that water won’t build up on the surface of the court.

  2. Give time for the concrete to cure

    tennis courtWhen constructing a court, you have to remember that concrete requires 28 days to cure. Avoid using pavement sealer because this does not mix well with acrylic, which is the material for most coating systems

  3. Clean the surface before applying repair coating

    Dirt on the surface of the concrete will prevent the coating system from adhering properly to it. If you notice any mold or fungus on the surface, make sure to clean it with bleach and water before coating it.

  4. Follow the manufacturer’s mixing proportions

    You should avoid diluting the mixture to cover more area. Doing this will jeopardize the integrity of the coating, which can affect the performance of the surface. Things like the size and shape of the sand can have a huge impact on the performance of the surface, which the players will notice during the game. You have to remember that tennis players are picky when it comes to these things.

  5. Follow the manufacturer’s curing temperature

    Another thing that you have to follow is the manufacturer’s curing temperature. Coating surfaces need the right temperature to cure properly. Otherwise, the integrity of the surface suffers. The best practice is to apply coating products when the temperature is 50 degrees and rising. When the temperature is too hot, you can apply a mist of water to lower the temperature of the pavement.

If you’re running a commercial sport court, you can’t wait till the end of the season before making repairs. Once you see the first sign that the court needs resurfacing, you have to do it; otherwise, your customers will just go somewhere with a better court. Keep your customers happy by maintaining your court properly.

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