Rediscovering Purpose: Three Examples of Extraordinary Recycling


Recycling is a great way to help the environment. The global consumption of food and other products is ever-growing, leading to large quantities of trash. It will be hard to imagine if all the landfills in the world become full. The waste will have nowhere to go, and it will definitely affect the quality of life of every person. There are many things you can recycle, big or small. When it comes to properties in Utah, adaptive reuse architecture is a way to breathe new life into historic buildings or structures. This is better than having them demolished. Not only is a building saved, but also its legacy.

Recycling can be a personal activity. But throughout history, there have been great examples of it.

Detroit-style Pizza

Detroit is known as the Motor City. While modern times have seen great shifts in the automobile industry, this nickname stuck due to its grand history and legacy. It used to be the center of vehicle manufacturing in America, with some of the biggest companies being based here. Naturally, this would be home to expert mechanics and their tools. A common sight back then is of a rectangular metal tray that is used as a container for nuts, bolts, and screws. Someone thought that it would be a good vessel for creating pizza. And this marks the birth of the Detroit-style pizza.

The depth of the tray lets you go liberal with the number of toppings, and this gives it another moniker: the deep-dish pizza. The savory and chewy body is a perfect contrast to the crispy crust. The next time you visit Detroit, try their delicious pizza.

Atari Jaguar

Atari’s last console, the Jaguar, was released. Since then, they have undergone some organizational changes. Now it exists only by name and is still in the video game industry being among the many third-party publishers out there. The Jaguar was supposed to compete with the 16-bit consoles at the time. It suffered poor sales due to some major factors. The timing of its release coincided with the popular consoles back then from Nintendo and Sega, reaching their saturation points. The hardware was also met with criticism, with some critics being underwhelmed by its graphical capabilities. It also did not help that it had a sparse library of games.

The Jaguar’s legacy is an interesting one. The mold of the console’s shell was purchased in 1997 by a company specializing in dental equipment. You might spot one in the wild the next time you visit your dentist.

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers

These are used for large-scale deliveries. These are large enough to house countless packages. But they are also good for another thing: housing. They are spacious enough to hold any dweller’s necessities. In fact, there are places around the world now that offer them as affordable alternatives to traditional abodes such as apartments and studio units. You might think that it would be claustrophobic to live in one, but the ones used for residential means are modified to have windows and doors. There should be no worries if you look to get some fresh air or sunlight.

The value of an object can be measured by its purpose. But just because something has been thrown away doesn’t mean that it is useless. If you can see a purpose in something, new or old, you should take advantage of it. That means you are able to see its true value.

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