Keep Employees Happy with These Celebration Ideas

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With all the massive changes that have been happening in the world, your small business is likely still standing because of your employees’ work. You need to show your appreciation for them to let them know that you recognize all the hard work that they have put in. Several ideas should put a smile on their faces.

Have A Barbecue

If there’s anything that your employees will like, it is free food. With the pandemic going on, a good way to celebrate is to do it outdoors. This makes throwing a barbecue an ideal choice. It is also pretty simple to organize. You only need a good grill and enough meat for everyone. Send out some invitations, and you can have a nice afternoon and evening of celebrating.

While it sounds simple, you still need to do some organizing. For example, you should start preparing the meals before the arrival of the guests. Mix in some sides and vegetables to balance things out. You should also have a lot of drinks handy. Ask your employees to bring their contributions to the party.

Go On A Short Cruise

Another nice way to celebrate your employees would be a short cruise. Plan to rent a sailing boat for an evening in the bay. You’ll need to choose a boat that will accommodate all of your people. Besides that, think of what drinks and food to bring about. Contacting a caterer might be a good move. They will be able to handle a lot of the heavy lifting for your party. Think about what cruise entertainment should be. There are several options. For example, you might time it right so that you can see a beautiful sunset.

Organize An Employee Movie Night

Watching movies together with your team can be a great idea to celebrate. There are several options available to you. Considering that many theaters are having a hard time, you might consider a private theater rental. This innovation allows for your team to have the entire theater to themselves. For those who miss watching movies in cinemas, this can be a real treat. You can even have a nice little reception at the theater lobby, with snacks and drinks. If you can’t organize something fancy, a movie night at your home theater can be a good substitute.

Start A Zoom Party

Zoom has become an essential part of communicating with your team. But it can also be the perfect venue for a party with a far-flung team. Zoom parties can be awkward at first, but the right planning can make things much easier. Several bits of advice will help make your Zoom party a success.

First, you need to invite fewer people than you normally would. A good cap would be somewhere around 10 people. Next, find a good topic for conversation. Unlike normal parties, it can be hard to entertain everyone. Having everyone participating in a conversation can be a good idea. Discuss something fun like the latest movie or something similar.

Invite Them Home

As the boss, there is always a sort of barrier between you and your employees. A celebration can be a good way to overcome that barrier. It shows that you are willing to invite them in and trust them. The barbecue party idea above could be a basis for what you can do. The important thing is to invite your employees to your home and show your side. For example, introducing them to your family and hobbies can be a good idea. It makes you seem more vulnerable and human.

Plan An Award Ceremony

During these parties, you can combine them with something special. Considering that your employees likely worked hard for the past few months, you should consider mixing in an award ceremony for your people. Recognition of hard work can make things special for your employees.

For awards, don’t just give them a certificate. In these difficult times, it would be good if they had a solid show of your appreciation. For example, a simple bonus can go a long way. It can help pay bills and more. Additionally, offering vacation days and something similar will also be appreciated.

A loyal and satisfied workforce can be a big advantage now that the economy is opening up. Showing your appreciation for them can help in ensuring they will stay with you in the future. The ideas above are only the beginning. Focus on making them happy so that you can have the best possible employees out there.

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