How To Keep Your Airbnb Property Attractive to Renters

  • Keep the property clean and decluttered for a more inviting atmosphere. You can also hire a professional window cleaning service.
  • Provide amenities such as high-quality linens, towels, and toiletries for a higher perceived value.
  • Keep up with the latest trends in home décor to make your property more attractive.
  • Add personalized touches like welcome notes or photo galleries to create a connection with your guests.
  • Respond quickly to inquiries and build relationships with your tenants for maximum success.

If you have an Airbnb property, you know there’s a lot of competition out there. With millions of listings worldwide, keeping your property as attractive as possible to renters is essential. This means you’ll need to deeply understand your target audience and anticipate their needs to keep them coming back. Here’s a list of critical tips to make your Airbnb property stand out and remain attractive to renters.

Keep it sparkling clean.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your Airbnb property attractive to renters is to keep it clean and tidy. This will ensure that your guests feel comfortable and safe. To make sure your property looks its best, here are four essential steps you need to take:


Decluttering is the first step in ensuring your Airbnb property looks its best. Get rid of any unnecessary items that may be taking up space and causing clutter.

Deep clean.

Perform a deep clean on all surfaces, including carpets and furniture. This will help keep your property looking fresh and inviting for your guests. You should also keep your walls and ceilings in good condition, as these can easily become damaged over time. And don’t forget the windows! Your windows add to both your property’s interior and exterior appeal, so they should be washed both inside and out to give your place a sparkle.

You may even want to consider hiring a professional window cleaning service provider for this. They’ll use high-end equipment to ensure that windows are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards. They might even use other methods like pressure washing, traditional washing, and steam cleaning. This helps to remove dirt and debris from the window while also ensuring that it is free of any harmful chemicals.

Dust and vacuum.

Make sure to dust all surfaces and vacuum carpets and furniture regularly. This will help keep dust, pet hair, and other allergens away from your guests. You may want to consider investing in a quality vacuum cleaner that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Sanitize all surfaces and high-touch areas to ensure your property is free from germs and viruses. You can use an EPA-approved disinfectant to make sure your property is free from germs and bacteria.

Keeping your property sparkling clean will make sure your guests feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. This will help ensure they return to your Airbnb property for years.

Provide amenities.

Comfort room

Adding amenities to your property can be a game-changer. Think of high-quality linens, towels, toiletries, kitchen appliances, and gadgets. These amenities make your property more attractive and provide a higher perceived value for customers. Consider adding unique touches, such as complimentary wine, snacks, or even a personalized welcome note to your guests.

Stay on-trend with decor.

Keeping up with the latest trends and fashions in home décor can also help make your property more attractive to renters. Choose furnishings and décor that appeal to your target audience, and keep everything up-to-date with regular upgrades and maintenance. Online sources such as Pinterest can be a great resource for inspiration.

Personalize your space.

Guests love a personalized experience, so consider adding a few thoughtful touches to your Airbnb property to make it feel more like a home. This can be something as simple as a photo gallery, a collection of books, or personal touches like a welcome sign with their name on it. This will help to create a connection with your guests and, in turn, increase the likelihood of repeat bookings.

Respond quickly to inquiries.

Responding to renters

Responsiveness is key when it comes to running a successful Airbnb property. Be sure to respond to inquiries promptly and keep your guests up-to-date with any changes or updates. Take the time to build a relationship with your guests, and make sure they feel comfortable enough to reach out if they have any questions or concerns.

With a little effort and the right strategies, you can ensure your Airbnb property stands out from the competition. Keeping it clean and tidy, providing amenities, staying on-trend with decor choices, personalizing your space, and responding quickly to inquiries are all essential steps to ensure your guests have an enjoyable experience at your property.

Doing this will keep them coming back and help build relationships between you and future renters. By following these tips for keeping your Airbnb attractive to potential customers – success is almost guaranteed!

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