Different Uses of Your Vacuum Cleaners at Home


Getting a vacuum cleaner for your Salt Lake City home is like having a friend in times of trouble—always there to help you out. To the point, in fact, that you feel the need to SOS for vacuum repair at the first sign of your “helper” conking out. It’s the most convenient way to clean floors and carpets, remove dust from tabletops and other pieces of furniture. Plus, you can use it in ways that you may not have thought before.

Freshen up Upholstery

Any upholstered furniture gets dirty and develops a pungent odor, over time. An old household trick for your smelly couch, mattress or dining chairs is to use baking soda as a cleaning agent.

Whenever possible, strip the covers and upholstery and send it to the cleaners or wash it at home, adding baking soda to your laundry detergent.  Sprinkle baking soda on the surface of your couch—if it is not possible to strip the covers or the upholstery, apply the baking soda directly onto the entire couch. Let the baking soda sit for at least two hours to absorb moisture and odors, then get your vacuum to suction it up. You’ll have a fresher, cleaner couch afterward. Wash the upholstery

Puff Out Air Mattresses

Some inflatable mattresses come with their own air pump but even so, it still takes a lot of time to put air in it. That is why using the vacuum cleaner is an easier tool to puff them out completely.

Simply put the nozzle to the hole of your mattress where the air enters and fills up with air using your vacuum. You should have an inflated mattress in a matter of seconds!

Fix Carpet Dents

man fixing the carpet

It’s normal to get noticeable dents when you have heavy furniture lying on your carpet. One way to get your rugs or carpets back in shape is by putting ice cubes on the dents and wait for them to melt. Once that part is moist, run it over with the vacuum cleaner and notice that no dents or marks left on your carpet.

Deodorize the Home

Aside from using air sanitizers, you can also deodorize your home with a vacuum cleaner. Wet a cotton ball with your favorite essential oil or cologne and place it in the vacuum. That way the scent will diffuse throughout the room while you’re cleaning. It’s a cheaper alternative than buying a bottle of air freshener.

Remove Dust from Stuffed Toys

Your children’s stuffed toys, either big or small, catch dirt and dust even as they play. This is harmful to kids and can cause allergic reactions. One tip to clean up these toys is to use a vacuum cleaner to suction all dirt accumulated over a period of time. This will keep away dust particles from your children and ensure a healthier environment for your precious toddlers.

Recover Lost Items

Having a vacuum cleaner at home is also convenient for finding small items inside your home. It can easily suck up objects like earrings, needles, buttons and other tiny things that you thought you had already lost. To avoid the items getting stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be within the vacuum’s system, you can pull a leg of stocking or pantyhose over the vacuum attachment before turning it on.

Groom House Pets

Many household pets like cats and dogs love to have their coats soothingly vacuumed. Not only does it presumably feel like a good scratch, it also serves to remove shedding fur from your adorable darlings. But, if your furbaby is not one for this type of grooming, please don’t force the issue.

There are numerous uses that you and the whole household can try out with your trusty vacuum cleaner. Just make sure to give it some TLC and maintenance, as needed, and you can count on it to help you out when you need it.

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