Car Maintenance: What You Need to Know

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Buying a car is a goal for many people. The convenience it provides is a great advantage, but it also saddles you with quite a few responsibilities. One of these is to ensure that it runs properly. If you are a new owner, you might not be familiar with what you need to do. Here is a quick guide on how to maintain your car.

Check the Filters

Your car needs a few things to function correctly. One of these is clean air. Since it sucks the air around it, there is a good chance that dirt and various particles are also drawn in. This is where the air filter comes in. It stops dust from coming into your engine. You need it to stay in good shape so that the air comes in with no problem. You might need to replace it someday.

Another filter you need to check is your oil filter. Oil is another essential substance of your engine. This ensures proper lubrication is applied to your engine. But oil passing through your engine means that it can pick up impurities. Dirty oil can degrade engine performance and even damage it, so you will need to change your oil filter regularly, too.

Ensure that Everything Is at Proper Levels

Besides cleanliness, you will also need to ensure that your car has everything that it needs. Oil is a top concern, so you might want to pay attention to the oil light blinking when the time comes. This ensures that you know when it is time to add to your oil levels. You might even do that much regularly.

Other necessities are not as distinct. For example, your radiator coolant ensures that the engine does not overheat. With use, it loses effectiveness. This is why you will want to change it every year like clockwork. Another thing to look out for is your tire air pressure. High pressure ensures that your tires perform well. Low pressure means that the tire becomes weak and easily punctured.

Spark Plugs and the Battery

A car mechanic replaces a battery

Your engine has an electrical component. The spark plugs provide the spark that generates the combustion inside. You need them to be in top condition. Misfiring spark plugs can quickly reduce effectiveness in your engine. Additionally, you might want to take care so that your car batteries are always in good shape, or your engine won’t run at all.

Know When You Are Over Your Head

There are also times when you should know that you can’t fix something. If you don’t know what is wrong, then it is better to take your car to an auto repair shop in Salt Lake City and other cities. This is better than tinkering around and making things worse accidentally.

Proper car maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that you don’t have to spend so much on your car. Plus, it keeps you driving longer. The tips above should be a big help. Don’t stop there, though. Learn more about your car so that you can keep it in great shape for a long time.

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