A Simple Guide to Car Maintenance

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Before buying a car, whether brand-new or second hand, be sure that you are ready for the maintenance routine. Otherwise, you’re only wasting your investment. Do some research about the car manufacturer and brand model. Be familiar with the vehicle’s everyday problems, especially when it comes to mechanical performance. Read reviews and consult enthusiasts to know more about the car you’re buying.

While Nissan is one of the leading automobile brands in the world, the models still require proper maintenance to keep quality performance and safety. Apart from taking your car unit to reputable Auckland Nissan service centers, here are some of the car maintenance routines you should also prioritize:

1. Check the Oil and Other Fluids

Oil maintenance is crucial to keep your vehicle at its best. Make it a habit to check the oil and other fluids regularly. Car enthusiasts and other experts recommend an oil change every three months or before reaching 3,000 miles. Refer to the owner’s manual to ensure you’re using the right brand and type. Remember, you can’t always use full-synthetic oil for your vehicle. So be sure to consult your auto dealer when changing your oil. This is why it’s still better to go to specific manufacturer auto shops. Also, check other fluids like coolant, brake fluid, power steering, and transmission.

2. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

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There is no way you can go for long trips without checking the tire pressure. Make a thorough inspection regularly. Refer to the manual for the appropriate tire pressure according to the number of passengers. You should also consider the route you’re taking. For instance, if you’re driving a 4×4 SUV with 38psi, consider dropping pressure to 32psi on rough gravel. Check how the overall stability when running. On the other hand, the usual 30psi running vehicles should be adjusted to 25 to 27psi if you’re expecting bumpy tracks.

3. Inspect the Belts and Hoses

Take note that the rubber components in your car’s engine compartment can be fragile due to usage. While these parts operate under extreme conditions, you cannot skip this routine checkup. Pay attention to any sign of wear and tear. If you notice any crack in the hose or belts, take your car to the service center as soon as possible. This might require an overhaul or replacement.

4. Keep Your Car Clean

If you want to a responsible car owner, it is advisable to keep your vehicle’s interior and exterior clean. Be sure to use the right cleaning materials for cars. This is one way to prevent corrosion and other buildups. Check the engine and battery terminals, as well. Use a recommended degreaser to remove oil spills, grease, and dirt.

In addition to the routine tasks mentioned above, consider investing in a car garage. Have a safe place to park your vehicle. If you’re parking in an open space, use car covers to protect your vehicle from dust, scratches, and watermarks.

Whether brand-new or second-hand units, you can never skip any car maintenance routine. This is the only way to keep them performing at their best.

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