A Roof Maintenance Guide Every Homeowner Should Know


The roof is a vital part of a home; it shields you and your humble abode from changing weather and season, as well as from bugs and animals. But despite its crucial role, homeowners rarely pay attention to this part of the house, making it weak after several years.

Investing in proper maintenance can extend the life of your roof, and this piece will guide you through the process.


Twice a year, do a quick check of your roof. Are there missing shingles or exposed fasteners? Are the gutters broken? Inspecting your roof will give you an idea of what issues you need to fix and what you need to do.

Unclog the gutter

To keep your roof in good shape, the first thing that you need to do is to clean the gutters regularly. Leaves and dirt can pile up in your gutter and restrict the flow of collected rainwater, which can overflow and damage your walls and flood your basement. Making sure it’s unclogged can prevent possible factors from degrading it.

Prune the trees

After clearing the gutters, you need to trim the trees to prevent branches and leaves from crashing into your roof during storms. This will also keep tree-dwelling pests and rodents from entering your home through the roof.

Plug the holes

The last thing that homeowners want to deal with is a leaking roof. Over the years, extreme weather conditions can cause holes and abrasions to your roof. That’s why it’s important to check the surface and immediately seal the leaks.

Remove the moss

mossy roof

Lush moss and algae can deteriorate your roof if left untreated. They grow in areas where there is shade, like the seams and edges of shingles. If left unchecked, the thick and lush moss can raise the shingles, and the next thing you know, the verdant moss has caused significant damage to your roof.

To prevent this from happening, trim overhanging tree branches to minimize the shade and give your attic proper ventilation. This way, the sun will touch more areas of your roof and stop the growth of moss. There are also products that you can use to kill the moss, and they come in both dry and liquid formulas.

After a storm, check for any damage

One powerful storm can singlehandedly mess up your roof. After the hurricane, survey the roof for any damage using binoculars. Don’t climb on the roof as the storm might have caused damage that can make the surface collapse.

Once you spot any problems, immediately contact your trusted roofing contractors in Pembroke Pines or other nearby areas to fix the defects. Some contractors offer customer support 24/7 and are prepared to respond to your call at unexpected times. If you’re lucky, you can find a roofing company that can help you with your insurance claim.

Taking care of a house’s roof should be every homeowner’s priority nowadays amid extreme weather conditions caused by climate change. Investing in maintenance and routinely doing a cleanup can prolong the life of your roof and save you a lot of money.

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