3 Interior Design Techniques to Lower Your Power Bills

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Have you had enough of paying a ridiculous amount of money every month because your electrical consumption is always high? Don’t worry, many of us feel the same way as you do.

Well, the good news is that we’re not helpless at all. For one, you may use LED lights instead of CFLs to illuminate your property without paying high power bills each month. LED lights may cost more than CFLs and incandescent bulbs but LEDs offer much in return with the monthly electricity savings you’ll enjoy. You may also install a solar power system, which is an excellent way to make your home energy-efficient, reduce power bills significantly, and earn from the excess energy produced.

Additionally, you may install interior sliding glass doors instead of wooden doors to let in more natural light during the day so you won’t have to flick the light switch open. Getting the perfect sliding glass doors won’t be a problem since there are well-established sliding glass door manufacturers in Australia offering stylish sliding doors for businesses and homes.

Aside from these techniques, you could also turn to some smart interior design methods that help cut down on monthly electrical usage. In this article, we will feature three simple interior design techniques that you can implement to help bring down your electrical consumption:

Install ceiling fans

Some property owners may argue against the idea of installing ceiling fans when there is already an air conditioning system. However, Lauren Urbanek of the Natural Resources Defense Council said that she personally feels it’s colder inside an AC room with ceiling fans installed. She added that she usually doesn’t turn down the temperature in the process, which results in helping lower her power bills. Aside from being utilitarian, ceiling fans can also add to a room’s aesthetics, as there are a lot of decorative options available.

Go for light paint colours for walls and ceilings

Walls painted with light colours can help reflect natural and artificial lights and help bring down the power usage in interior spaces. You can go for the classic white or experiment with pastel tones to make your interiors pop up with sheer vibrancy. Homes and commercial establishments with walls and ceilings painted with light hues either have fewer lights installed or have some lights turned off since the walls and ceilings aid in illuminating the area. Add to that the generally cleaner and more streamlined effects of light colours and you have a great interior design technique working for you.

Mind your floors

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Aside from walls and ceilings, your flooring makes up much of the space in your property. This is why you could use your floors to help minimise your monthly power consumption. Decorative natural stones such as granite and marble are excellent materials to help cool down the house and reduce the need for air conditioning. Natural stones also have an elegant appeal that could make interiors classy. For good measure, you may also throw in some rugs and carpet in areas where you need to feel warm during cold weather. These flooring accents can add a much-needed aesthetic boost to any interior spot since they come in a lot of decorative finishes.

It’s easy to see why interior design techniques could from lower your home’s electrical consumption month after month. Aside from these simple ways, you can also find additional tips in making your home energy-efficient here and here.

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