All-Season Maintenance Tips for All Your Properties

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Being a landlord is a good way to generate income. This can be extremely profitable, especially if you own multiple properties. One of the big problems you could face, though, is the effect that the seasons have on your property. The elements can damage them, so you need to do proper maintenance. Here are some seasonal tips so you can be sure that your properties are in great shape:

Clean the Windows

Most rental properties have great curb appeal. They will definitely lose that if the windows look like they are dirty. It is unavoidable to have dirty windows but they tend to get dirtier as the seasons change. You need to have window cleaners come in on a regular basis and ensure that your windows look great.

Take Care of the Landscape

If your property has grounds and green spaces, they should get some care when the seasons change. Spring and summer are the time for fertilizing and pruning. Fall and winter are more for protection against the cold. It is important that when winter is over that you remove all dead plants and lay down a good layer of mulch around surviving plants.

Take note that lawn care is a separate matter. You need to be sure that your grass survives through the assault of the elements and it looks as green as ever during the spring and summer months. This can mean proper irrigation and the application of more grass to particular areas.

Apply Salt

During winter months, the walkways are going to be slippery from ice. That is why you need to put down salt on a regular basis. Besides that, shovel away the snow on the walkways regularly. This can ensure that your tenants have an easier time walking around during the winter season.

Inspect the Drains

man fixing the drainsYou do not want the drains in your building to freeze up or get clogged. Whenever it rains, dirt and debris can enter the drains so you will want to remove them. For winter, frozen water is just as bad. Ensure that your drains are working right so you don’t end up with water damage that you will have to fix in the future.

Check Your Parking Lot

If you have a parking lot on your property, you need to inspect it when the seasons change. Heat can make the asphalt expand and crack while cold can make them crack because of contractions. It doesn’t help that they bear the brunt of constant use. If you notice any potholes, call for professional asphalt repair services in Salt Lake City and other urban areas. Having proper paving for your parking space can help ensure that your tenants are happy and safe when they drive into the parking lot.

The elements can cause some serious damage to your property. That is why, when the seasons change, you should be ready to do maintenance and repairs. The tips above should point out some of the problem areas you need to focus on. With due diligence, you can ensure that your tenants will be happy with your property management.

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