Useful Landscaping Ideas You Can Try


If you’re unsatisfied with the way that your yard looks, then it’s about time that you make a move. Maybe you need to do some landscaping. With the right landscaping, you can make your yard look extraordinary. Here are some of the top tips that you can use for landscaping around trees:

Avoid Damaging Tree Roots

When you are planting on your garden, it is easy to dig deep. You might forget about the roots of the trees that are right under your garden bed. If you dig too much around the roots, you can hit them and cause damage.

A cut root can cause a great deal of harm to a tree, and you might have to get in touch with a company that does tree removal services in Utah or wherever you are located when it dies because of the damage.

Maintain Soil Level

One of the more common mistakes when landscaping is to increase the soil level around the trunk of trees. The raised soil is used as a platform for plants. The problem is that the raised soil level can cause the trunk to rot and leave the tree open for diseases and infestation.

If you want to create a planting bed, make sure that you build a border around the tree first, so its trunk is kept exposed.

Don’t Add Soil Over Grass

When you are adding soil for a garden bed, make sure that you dig out existing grass on the ground. Don’t just add soil over the grass and assume that it will decompose under the new soil because it can actually dry up and turn into a thatch-like material that can block moisture and oxygen.

So, make sure that you pull up the grass.

Pick Plants That Are Suited to Limited Light

Keep in mind that plants that are placed right under rees will receive little light. Not all plants are going to be suitable for that condition. So, if you want to have a garden bed directly under a tree, be sure to pick plants that are well-suited for limited lighting. Ferns, for example, are ideal for living under the shade of trees.

Add Mulch

Garden maintenance in spring doing the mulching

When you are planting near the base of a tree, you should add a layer of mulch on the ground. That should retain some of the moisture for the plant. That’s a requirement because most of the moisture will be absorbed by the roots of the tree, leaving little for your plants if you do not add mulch.

But remember not to pile the mulch near the trunk of the tree.

Bricks and Rocks Maybe Better

It’s okay if you really want to have plants at the base of a tree, but they will require a lot of work. Those plants will have to be watered, and you need to tend to them regularly. Maybe you should consider using bricks and rocks as decorative features instead of plants.

These are just some useful tips that you can use when you are landscaping near trees in your yard. Keep in mind that while you aim to make your yard look good, you should also consider the health of the plants, especially the trees.

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