Use These Essential Tips for Your Regular Crane Inspection

Cranes are those giant machines, but they can be dangerous if you don’t use them carefully. That’s why this guide tells you 10 things to look out for to ensure a crane is safe. For instance, the ground the crane sits on must be strong enough to hold it. Imagine a wobbly crane – not good. Then, check the crane for any repairs done wrongly.

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If there are power lines around, the people who own the lines need to know the crane is there. That way, they can make sure the crane doesn’t touch the lines. Also, the person who tells the crane driver how to move the crane (called a signal person) needs to know what they’re doing. Take extra care when lifting people in the air.

Ensure it’s safe and there’s no other way to get them up there. Meetings must happen before doing certain things with the crane, like lifting people or working near power lines. Also, check all the accessories, like slings and shackles. All of them should be working properly and strong enough for the job.

The crane driver needs an instruction manual that explains how to use the crane safely. Someone must conduct regular crane inspection and keep records of these checks. All the safety features on the crane must work perfectly. It’s best to ask the crane driver how much weight they’re lifting and how they know. It shouldn’t lift more than it’s supposed to.


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