6 Upcycling Ideas Around The House

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Upcycling is the process of transforming old things around the house into something more beautiful and useful. Some of its benefits include the reduction of waste in our landfills, reducing clutter, and reinvention of old materials without throwing anything out. It also helps conserve limited resources, especially wood. The value of wood goes to waste when you throw away your furniture. Upcycling eliminates the use of fresh materials to create new products.

Here are some useful tips in upcycling your old things:

  • Turn Your Dresser Into Something New

Sometimes you just need a good paint job to enhance your dresser. Either for a formal space or coastal interiors, think outside the box and check how it can function in a whole new way. For instance, you can change it into a dog food station. You can add stainless steel bowls, update the paints and change the knob.

You can also turn it into a desk by taking out the drawers so you can put a chair underneath. Add a large piece of wood on top and you have a one-of-a-kind office desk. Turning your dresser into something more functional doesn’t require you to break the bank. These projects can cost you about $50.

  • Repurpose Old Car Parts

Instead of going to the junkyard to sell your old car parts, you can just do something that can be both helpful to you and the environment. Most of your car parts can be removed and upcycled to give them a new purpose. Your old car hood will be perfect as a headboard, and the shelves at the back can be used for storage.

The handles of your used truck or car can also be used as a drawer or cabinet pull. It’s perfect to add to the boys’ rooms or garage drawers. Old car ramps can also function as a coffee or entryway table.

  • Bring New Life to Your Suitcase

Your old suitcases can be repurposed into something beautiful that matches your present decor. An old and antique suitcase can be emptied and waxed, then transformed into chic storage for your books. Just add a little shelving inside and then you can place this beauty in your living room or study.

Your suitcase is also perfect to transform into a vintage-modern bar cart. Just add some casters, aluminum, and some nails and screws for an affordable DIY project. You can also effortlessly turn it into a kid’s play suitcase, by adding some printable templates like airplanes, spaceships, or aliens as the background.

  • Recreate Your Backpacks

There are several ways to upcycle your drawstring backpack. Turn it into a handy backseat caddy. Its numerous pockets will carry all your essentials without having to dump all the stuff when you’re trying to get to the restroom. You can also turn it into a reusable grocery bag by removing the paracord, cutting the top handles, then serging them.

For a waterproof picnic blanket, just cut your backpacks and seam them together to create a colorful blanket for your next weekend vacation.

  • Reuse Ice Cube Trays

One of the simplest ways to upcycle your old ice cube trays is to use them as a kiddie snack tray. The little portions are perfect for placing their favorite fruits and other snacks. You can also use it as a makeup organizer, perfect for piling up your eyeshadows or little compacts.

You can also use it for creating crayons, herb ice cubes, votive candles, and dishwasher soap tabs. For the garden lover, you can also grow your own herbs by using them as a seed starter. You’ll have little blossomed seedlings in no time.

  • Repurpose Old Ladders

Your old ladders can be used as plant shelves, potting tables, or a simple Christmas display. You can also opt for a rustic canopy for your bed. Just paint the ladder, then attach it to the wall to hold your blankets, towels, or curtains. Frame the head of the bed to create a little privacy.

Another simple way to use it is as a towel rack. Just prop your ladder against the wall and hang towels. The top part of the ladder can hold baskets, containers, toilet paper, or anything else.

There are lots of environmental benefits when you start to upcycle things in your home. It reduces waste being sent to landfills and reduces the need for further production, therefore lowering water and air pollution, greenhouse gasses and conserves our global resources. You also get chic decor for almost no cost at all.

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