Two Office Design Trends to Take 2020 by Storm


Designing effective office spaces is a challenging task. A lot of companies are taking it to the next level when it comes to style, function, and operations. Many are starting to embrace increasingly complex ideas, whether it’s an innovative stairs design or some sustainable, ergonomic furniture pieces, or going back to tried-and-tested designs with added improvements. Industries that focus on workplace design are now working harder than ever to accommodate the ever-changing needs of businesses while still focusing on innovation, culture, and vision.

So, when planning for 2020 and beyond, here are some of the design trends that would make a significant impact on your overall office environment:

Cubicles are Making a Huge Comeback

Here’s a fun fact: while many have adopted the open office concept thinking it’s an innovative choice, the truth is it has been introduced to many offices much earlier than cubicles. The reason why cubicles gained a negative reputation, however, is that many companies took the idea to the extreme. They failed to realize that those walls and screens were there to reduce distractions, but because they prioritized space efficiency and cost-saving, they ended up creating cramped boxes that did not promote productivity and comfort at all.

So, they tried adopting the open office design believing it would solve the issue, but the “no walls, no privacy” designed introduced more problems instead. That’s why 2020 is going to be all about reimagining this concept. Now, “privacy pods” are gaining a lot of attention. They’re viewed as the better alternative to alienating cubicles that many employees dread. They provide increased privacy while also offering additional comfort and soundproof features so workers can focus more. What’s interesting is they won’t completely replace open office designs. Instead, they will be utilized alongside this concept for maximum productivity.

Desks will Start Moving, and So Will the Employees

office desk

The negative effects of long hours of sitting on your desks have long been established. In fact, it’s just as bad as smoking on our bodies. So, if you’re a business owner, it’s important to understand how your employees‘ physical health contributes to their productivity at work. That’s why this year, those sitting and standing desks will no longer be a popular choice. Height-adjustable desks are going to be the new talk of the town. It’s not enough to just own an ergonomic chair; it has to be paired with the right desk so the body can achieve its ideal seating position. If you can adjust your desks along with your chair, you’ll be able to customize your entire workstation depending on your comfort level and needs.

Just like the open office concept, standing desks also gained a bad reputation once employees realize the problems it causes on the back and feet. Yes, they’re definitely a much better choice than sitting, but this also means employees have to keep moving their essentials from their own workstations and bring them to their standing desk. But, with height-adjustable desks, they can leave all their belongings in the same workspace, whether they choose to stand or sit.

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