Tire Maintenance Before a Road Trip: What You Need to Know

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When was the last time you checked the wheels of your car? For most owners, we often focus on the cleanliness of our vehicles, the condition of the brakes, or the health of the engine. We usually take our tires for granted and only remember to take them to a wheel shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, or any other place, once an issue is already apparent.

If you have plans to go on a road trip, it’s important that you evaluate the condition of your car. And aside from the regular engine checks and fluid changes, don’t forget about your tires. This way, you get to ensure a safe and smooth drive no matter your destination. So before you even pack your bags and fill your trunk, make sure to tackle these tire maintenance tasks first.

Check the tire pressure

Proper tire pressure is crucial for a safer drive. If you keep your tires properly inflated, they will last longer. Check your manual for the recommended tire pressure. You can also find this on the sidewall of your tires. Make sure to always do this at least once a month.

Look for signs of wear on the tire treads

Your tire treads are the horizontal bridges found on your wheels, designed to let drivers know the condition of your tires. With a simple tread check, you will quickly learn if a replacement is required. Try to check for the following signs – finding at least one should already have you visiting your trusted wheel shop for a checkup.

  • You can clearly see tread wears
  • The tire tread depth is below 2mm
  • The tires are worn on both edges
  • You can find small objects lodged in the treads
  • The treads are more worn in the center
  • Your tires are at least six years old
  • Presence of bubbles, dry rot, cracks or abnormal bulges
  • Bad mileage

Rotate your wheels before you leave

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All drivers will agree that you should always reposition your tires regularly to ensure they wear evenly. It is always a good idea to reposition them every 5,000 miles. While you’re at it, use this opportunity to inspect your tires for other issues.

Only pack what you’ll need

Remember that all vehicles have a certain weight they can safely accommodate. As for your tires, check how much they can carry by checking the sidewalls. For a smoother and safer ride, always observe the recommended weight limits. As a result; your car engine won’t be pushed as hard, you won’t use much fuel, and your tires will last longer.

Whether you’re going for a short ride or a long trip, never take your tires for granted. Remember to replace them as necessary before it even gets worse. While tires are not cheap, they are always a good investment. Look for the correct tire size and choose quality over cheap bargains. You may have the coolest ride with a good engine, but without adequately maintained tires, you can’t enjoy your car as much as you want.

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