Getting a Deal: Tips on Facing the Tough Housing Market


The current state of the housing market is very interesting right now. This is mainly because of the many people who are hoping to buy a house but also the lack of them on sale. Supply and demand already ensure that this would mean a lot of high prices.

Unfortunately, the demand for houses is going even higher because of low-interest housing loans creating even more potential buyers. While it is possible to purchase a house, it is going to be difficult and the following tips will help with that.

Have All the Loan Paperwork Done

One of the first things you should be doing is to ensure that you have all your loan paperwork done. If possible, a pre-approved loan is better. The key factor in many dealings in a hot market is being able to react quickly. With an approved loan ready, you can tell the seller that you can pay for the house immediately.

Some sellers need cash fast, especially in this market. They will be looking to close a deal as quickly as possible. It is even more important now. Sometimes, sellers won’t even let you into the door without knowing that you have a loan ready and approved.

Look for Homes Under Your Budget

When searching for a house and land package to buy nowadays, the key is going for a property that is under your budget. In the past, getting more value from your money was the goal. But in the current hot market, that strategy will result in you being quickly outbid. Look for properties that are priced lower than your budget since that will give you the chance to bid higher immediately instead of scrambling for more funds.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

real estate agent

Another good move that you need to make is to hire a real estate agent. The key thing to remember is that the market is very busy and doing all the hard work is going to be a lot of pressure on you. It is much better to have an expert handling all the processes. For one, they will be doing most of the property hunting. Simply give them the specific requirements you want and the agent will give you a list of properties.

Besides that, an agent will be able to recommend properties that might even be off your radar but can be good purchases. Additionally, the agent can do all the negotiation to make it a lot easier for you.

Make a Decision Quickly

Buyers will need to make a decision fast when they are presented with a potential purchase. With so many buyers around, they will be deciding on raising their bids in an instant. If you are not fast on your feet, then you will suddenly be surprised by the sudden jump in price. There is also the decision of walking away from a house. This saves you time and can allow you to devote energy to another house to bid on.

Be Willing to Add to Your Offer

As part of the buying process, you should also decide on how to add to your offer. There are many ways to sweeten the deal for the seller. The simplest is to have an agreement to match and exceed any bid that comes up. That can be risky since the bidding can get pretty heavy. Another option is to do the seller a favor in some form. For example, you might offer to waive one or more of the contingencies.

Since these contingencies are there to protect the buyer, this can be risky. But if you feel good about the seller, then you might be willing to do so. Other potential ways to improve the deal would be additional time to move out or to offer to handle all the repairs instead of the seller. However, you must never skip on the house inspection. That will ensure that you are buying a house in good condition and not a disaster in the making.

It will be an uphill battle for anyone to get a good deal. Fortunately, the tips above are a big help. They can ensure that you don’t overspend. But the market seems to be only getting hotter. If you really can’t get a good price, then it might be a sign that patience would be a better choice. A hot market will eventually cool down so you might consider waiting for the market to lower its prices so you don’t waste money on a purchase.

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