Things That First-time Car Buyers Should Know

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Buying your first auto is one of the most crucial financial decisions you’ll ever make. While public transport is available in Wisconsin, the convenience and ease of driving your car make it almost a necessity.

When it comes to your dream car, you want it to be reliable, and you hope that only the best CNC milling services have manufactured its gears and engine components. You want it to be comfortable and stylish, but with a price tag that you can afford. However, the automotive market is saturated with unlimited car choices and assertive dealers, and choosing “the one” is a difficult decision to make. There are a lot of tempting offers that range from used cars from private sellers, certified pre-owned vehicles from dealerships, and brand new models from well-known auto-makers. Here’s how you can find the perfect match easily:

New vs. Used Cars

These days, it is quite natural for people to get financing for vehicles, so they opt for new cars instead of buying slightly used ones. It’s also emotionally satisfying to be the first driver of your auto and enjoy the sweet smell of a brand-new SUV.

However, a car’s value depreciates by 25%-40% during the first two years of driving it. It’s a smart choice to buy a one-year-old or a two-year-old car and let the first owner shoulder the 40% decrease in value. A few years ago, the warranty was the major selling point of a brand new auto. But in today’s market, there are a lot of used cars that are still under warranty, and you can even buy extended warranties from dealers.

Private Sellers

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Since used cars come at a cheaper cost, you need patience and a lot of time to explore and examine options. Don’t take the risk of buying used cars from private sellers. A private seller doesn’t care about repeat business, so he might not entertain your after-sales concern. Buying from a non-commercial seller is too risky as there’s no guaranteed protection or coverage. You are not sure if the seller gives you an accurate vehicle history or if there are no issues on ownership.

Certified Pre-owned Vehicles

It’s more secure to buy at a dealership that sells certified pre-owned vehicles. Typically, these cars are leased autos whose contracts have been voided or have expired, and they are usually in an almost new condition. A 2-year old certified pre-owned vehicle costs 25% less than the price of its brand new counterpart. It also comes with an extended warranty and has been thoroughly inspected and refurbished to meet quality standards. For added security, always request the official certification from the dealer where all warranty terms and conditions are documented. It is best to ask a trusted mechanic to conduct an extensive inspection before making the purchase. Research the car’s reliability, check the safety features, and see its performance by doing a test drive.

A slightly used vehicle from a respectable dealer is an ultimate money-saver. Go ahead. Your car is ready to take you to your first destination.

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