Shower Enclosures: Types of Glass You Can Utilize

shower with glass doors

Everyone now agrees that the shower should be the most relaxing spot in their homes. You, after all, unwind here after a long day, and it is the first place you will think of when stressed and looking for some time out. To meet the relaxation needs of most homeowners, showers have undergone different design transformations over the years. One aspect that, however, remains a challenge when building a relaxing shower atmosphere is the lack of enough floor space. This leaves most showers feeling and looking cramped.

Glass enclosures from a store also dealing with window repairs in London might be the answer for a seemingly spacious shower space. The glass in this instance will not just negate the opaque walls that make you feel ‘’locked in’’ but also bounces off light that ‘’opens up’’ your space. This leaves you with an area with a spa-like feel and a spacious, luxurious look. The following are the glass types you can pick from for your shower enclosure.

Clear Glass

This is an ideal choice for property owners looking for a sophisticated shower enclosure. Clear glass will often be tempered to boost its durability and make it less prone to breakage.  Moreover, if tempered glass breaks, it will shatter into tiny round pieces rather than the sharp pointy shards seen in annealed glass. Clear glass is popular because it allows maximum natural lighting to pass through it. It is nonetheless best used in private bathrooms since it will not guarantee much privacy when left unpatterned.

Acid-Etched Glass

This works for property owners looking for an enclosure that allows enough natural light to flow into their showers and still guarantees their privacy. Acid-etched glass is translucent, meaning that your silhouette will be visible, but the view is unclear. There are different techniques used for acid etching to get the customized look you want.

Textured Glass

This makes an excellent best choice if you want an aesthetic preference for your shower enclosure’s glass that will still guarantee privacy. The textured glass features stunning patterns on clear glass, including brick, tile, and wood. When water or steam runs down this glass in a well-lit shower, it generates dazzling visual effects. The primary benefit of textured glass is that it leaves no fingerprints and watermarks when used in baths.

Sandblasted Glass

Spacious white bathroom

The sandblasting process for glass involves the blasting of the glass surface to generate a frosted appearance. There are different density levels for sandblasted glass to match your desired privacy and light filtration levels. Those who want the highest levels of privacy can settle for opaque sandblasted glass. Though opaque, this glass type still allows the passing of light through it.

Before the installation of the above glass types for your shower enclosures, you should keep several aspects in mind. The crucial ones that are often overlooked include your showerhead and ventilation. Your bathroom should be adequately ventilated to prevent mold and mildew from accumulating on the glass. The showerhead, on the other hand, should only spray water within the shower wall’s perimeters.

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