Secure Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

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Did you know that approximately 2.5 million burglaries occur every year? That’s according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security. This means that one house gets burglarized every 13 seconds, which is quite alarming.

That said, security is and will always be a top priority. You must always set robust security in place for your residential property. Not only will doing so protect your valuables and the property itself, but it will keep you and your family safe at all times.

If you’re looking to secure your home, here are five easy steps to do so:

1. Lock your doors and windows

When it comes to security, you must prioritize the entry points of your residential property. Of all, pay particular attention to your doors and windows. Make sure that their frames are robust, their hinges are secured, and they are properly locked.

To secure your exterior doors, consider the following security tips:

  • Have a deadbolt as a locking mechanism.
  • Include a strike plate for added security.
  • Have a video doorbell for boosted security.
  • Invest in smart locks for your home.

As far as your exterior windows are concerned, here are a few security recommendations:

  • Install security window films for added strength and firmness.
  • Add some window bars or grills.
  • Set glass break sensors in place.

2. Install a garage door

Sure, burglars break into houses through these entry points—doors and windows. But while they don’t have access to your home interior, they still hoard plenty of things stored in the garage.

For this reason, install a garage door to boost the security of your residential property. Not only does it increase your home’s security, but it also enhances its curb appeal.

But once installed, make it a habit to lock your garage doors constantly. While you’re at it, consider upgrading to a smart garage door opener. Finally, resort to home automation for your garage door, so you won’t have to leave it open manually.

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3. Have a robust security system

If you live in a particularly unsafe neighborhood, it’s best to invest in a robust security system. Whether it’s a basic DIY system or one with home monitoring and automation, it makes a difference in safeguarding your family’s safety and your assets.

When it comes to this, consider installing an alarm system. In case you’re away from home, it will alert the local authorities and send you a notification. Also, have security cameras installed in critical areas of your property and have someone monitor them from time to time.

The good news though is that you have the option to select a particular security system based on your budget and the protection level you need. Just be sure to shop around, compare prices, check security features, and see what works for you. From there, invest in a security system and have their professionals install them in your house.

4. Utilize exterior lighting

Burglars and criminals don’t want to be put in the spotlight. This is especially true if they’re about to break into a property and commit a crime. The last thing they will want to happen is to be seen, reported, or get caught right away.

With this in mind, it’s wise to use outdoor lighting around your residential property. Utilize motion-activated lights or save energy using solar-powered lights. Be sure to install these lights in the following areas:

  • Around your front and back yards
  • Along walkways or pathways
  • Near the garage
  • Other outdoor structures

With these lights in place, you’ll drive those burglars and criminals away from your residential property.

5. Remove potential hiding places

The outdoor landscape of your property can have potential places for burglars and criminals to hide. They can study your residential areas and sneak into your house in time. That said, don’t compromise your home’s security by giving them opportunities. Here are some practical steps you can take:

  • Trim your high bushes and shrubs.
  • Cut down surrounding trees.

Also, don’t neglect the rest of your outdoor spaces. Be sure to perform the following:

  • Remove ladders and put away some tools.
  • Lock your gate, shed, and outdoor structures.
  • Post security signs and stickers.

With all these crucial steps, you won’t invite burglars and criminals, encourage them to spy on your property, and break into your house.

Your home’s security must not be taken for granted at all. That said, be sure to follow our practical security tips outlined above. With all these in place, you will protect your property, valuables, and assets. Most importantly, you’ll keep your family safe and protected at all times.

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