Online Surveys: What to Do After You’ve Successfully Collected Customer Insights

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Whether you own a start-up agency or run a Fortune 500 company, it’s hard to deny the importance of online survey programs in product improvement and business revenue. The insights you gather, both positive and negative, play a major role in how your brand responds to the needs of your customers.

It doesn’t stop at gathering feedback, though. Many organizations collect feedback data, but not all act on it. If you want to improve customer experience and boost customer satisfaction, you have to analyze the data and implement reasonable changes to your products or services.

What’s the best way to process survey data?

Online surveys help your business meet and exceed business targets if you know how to handle them. Take a look at this effective approach to processing survey data:

  1. Collect consumer insights from the platforms your target audience uses.
  2. Integrate feedback into your business processes, products, and services.
  3. Follow up on your survey participants to test the effectiveness of changes.

Accelerate your customers’ power to transform your business. Act quickly on the data you gather. By taking immediate action on customer insights, you delight them and boost revenue from them.

What’s the best approach to negative feedback?

When gathering customer insights, it’s important to use all channels that your business uses to communicate with them. You want to gather as much information as possible if you want to make lasting changes in your company. But, don’t filter out negative feedback — you might need them more.

As tempting as it is to ignore criticisms and focus on compliments and positive comments, you have to address the points of people who aren’t satisfied with your products or services. Consider the following:

  1. Apologize to and empathize with the customer through a personalized message.
  2. Let them know that you’re actively taking measures to address their complaint.
  3. Work with your team to determine what type of changes you need to make.
  4. Let the customer know when you address their issue.
  5. If possible, get the customer’s feedback again.

Be careful not to let any comment fall through the cracks. Your response to each one increases your opportunity to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Why invest in online surveys?

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Online surveys are one of the most effective ways to hear what your customers have to say about your products and services. A well-designed survey also lets you know what your target audience needs. Improve what you offer based on the feedback. Then, watch the changes lead to your success.

Take a look at South Korean group BTS’s label Big Hit Entertainment for example.

After BTS drew international interest when they won their first-ever award at the Billboard Music Award in 2017, their label conducted a whopping 29-page survey for fans of the group. Big Hit sorted through a lot of data from consumers around the world, but the results are worth it. BTS now accounts for $4.65 billion of their country’s GDP, putting it on the same level as conglomerates like Samsung and Hyundai.

Change the way you interact with your target audience by listening to their wants and needs. In the long run, feedback management contributes to brand loyalty and higher revenue.

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