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home and driveway

There are many styles of homes in America, and each has its unique look. One thing that can give your home a new feel is a garage door upgrade. You don’t want to live in the past with an outdated garage door when you can have something modern and current-looking.

Here are some options for different modern styles:

Modern Ranch-style houses

A ranch’s front façade is typically very simple, with a high ceiling (no more than 12 feet), an arched or flat window on top of the garage doors, and solid brick walls on either side or stucco or another type of siding. The best kind of uni-panel steel door would look good on these homes, as would a single-car metal bar. On the other hand, an aluminum panel can give the right contemporary feel to a ranch-style home.

Modern Contemporary homes

Contemporary homes also have a unique look. With their clean lines, metal finishes, and glass accents, these homes have many kinds of garage doors. For example, multi-slider garage doors offer open spaces that allow homeowners to connect their garages with the outdoors and create seamless transitions between inside and outside activities. A single-car garage works well with an oversize one or two-car steel carriage door.

To keep your doors functioning perfectly, make sure you have them checked and serviced by garage door repair and maintenance providers in your area.

Tudor-style home

The Tudor homes are characterized by steeply pitched, front-facing gables. They often have intricate designs that give them a rich, classic feel.

The best garage door for a Tudor-style home is one with vertical slats. Its lightweight appearance makes the house look less imposing and intimidating. A steel carriage or wood door fits well with this style of the home.

Modern Victorian Homes

A garage has to match the unique design of a Victorian home. Large single doors that go up and over your vehicle are very stylish and enhance your home’s exterior look. Carriage-style doors or bi-fold doors work great with these homes because they make it easy for homeowners to walk right into their garages without having to worry about dinging up their vehicles on a high garage door track.

In addition, many contemporary-looking Lift master openers will fit in with these designs as well.

home and driveway

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse-style homes are usually painted in warm colors or earth tones so that any garage door can fit within this style. Just make sure that it comes in color and texture to complement your home’s exterior looks. A wood carriage door would go well with this type of home, as would a single-car metal barn door.

Modern Bungalow Homes

These homes typically have wide front porches, balconies off the upstairs bedrooms, dormers on the roof, and three-room configurations: a master bedroom suite facing the street side; a living/dining room area across from the kitchen; and a set of rooms along the back wall including the bathroom. Your garage is an essential part of your house design since it connects your home with the outside. As such, your garage doors should also be crafted with as much care as the rest of the house’s design.

Craftsman-Style Homes

A craftsman-style home is known for its low-pitched hipped roof, exposed rafters, and large front porch. Decorative wood shutters or doors with detailed hinges work well in these homes. It is an ideal choice for homeowners who want to build the garage as part of a matching set of structures that form one unified look for their properties.

Your garage door should complement the natural wood finish of your house. A black wrought iron carriage door is perfect for this style because it fits well with solid exterior doors. Smaller windows also work great with craftsman houses and would be easy to install in a garage door.

Modern Italian Villa homes

Italian villas have high ceilings and unique architectural features like arched windows, rounded doors, and accent colors. These homes are spacious, airy, and have a special character. The garage should fit into the overall exterior design of your home, so consider getting a single-car or multi-slider steel door that complements your house design. For example, you can have beautiful glass carriage doors installed to connect to an outdoor patio area and create some much-needed natural lighting for your parking area. Decorative iron door knockers can complete this design and add more interest to the doors.

Modern Frontier Homes

These homes are easy to recognize because they look like one or two-story log cabins. They usually have gables on top of their roofs, porches extending from both floors, and some even have wrap-around patios. The garage can be a simple shed with a wood door, or it can be an elaborate carriage house that matches the design of your home.

Frontier homes in warmer climates are designed to capture breezes on their open porches, while other cool-climate frontiers may have storage space.

The Takeaway

The exterior of your home should reflect who you are, and the style that best suits your needs may vary based on what type of person you are. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to garage doors. A good rule is to choose something that complements but doesn’t overpower your home’s facade.

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