Make the Most Out of Every Square Foot in Your Office

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Space is a precious factor in commercial buildings. For offices, it helps to have enough space for meetings, cubicles, and a free room for unwinding and break time. Every square foot of space matters, so businesses ensure that each area provides room for client meetings, reading, and more. For this reason, proper commercial space solutions matter.

Local building contractors in Fort Wayne can help you develop a solution that maximizes productivity and ensures that your business will get the most out of its available square footage. Your commercial building plan might include the following considerations:

Building up Instead of Out

In terms of storage, most companies use filing cases and bookshelves that consume usable space out instead of up. If you wish to maximize your space, consider using vertical storage methods instead of horizontal. Look for bookshelves or filing cases that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. You can also search for storage solutions that include drawers in the lower portion so that you can have additional storage.

Using the Space Under the Stairs

If your commercial building is more than two stories tall, there’s a large amount of space that you can still use under the staircases. Capitalize on this free area by using shelving units or drawers to provide additional storage. Alternatively, you can install a few desks or build a small meeting or interview area beneath the staircase for additional storage.

Adding a Loft

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Buildings with restricted floor space and high ceilings can benefit from mezzanine floors or a loft. Have your contractor build a loft office with a cavernous space so that you can leave everything airy and open. Add huge windows, too, to bring in a lot of natural light, which can make your office feel more spacious.

Implementing a “Space Monitor”

If you can measure something, you can improve on it. Only a few companies, however, take the time to measure their space usage. Don’t forget to appoint a “space monitor” who will regularly evaluate and propose new solutions for space management. Apart from keeping your office accountable for commercial space solutions, appointing a space monitor ensures that you use your office space creatively.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Today’s office furniture is designed for collaborative work or meetings. If you have furniture that is in the wrong size or does not fit properly in a space, you’ll be wasting square footage. With this in mind, it’s important that you choose the furniture that you can use.

For example, replace bulky couches with modern and legged seating solutions. You can also include pieces that fold out of the wall to save space and still complement the office’s aesthetic.

Making the most of floor space is a great way not only to improve your office’s current aesthetic but also to promote productivity in your employees. Use the suggestions above to maximize every square foot of your commercial space.

Also, partner with a commercial building contractor to realize your office space dreams. Regardless of what your commercial space will need, trust these professionals to help you craft space solutions that make the most out of your office.

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