Make Boating More Fun for Your Kids in 4 Ways

Boating with your kids can be a great family bonding experience. However, the activity may not bring them the same level of amusement as it did you. When taking your kids to the open water for the first time, make it more enjoyable by planning activities ahead of time.

Here are things you can try:

Go fishing

Man holding fishes

Kids of all ages can go fishing. Fishing is not only enjoyable, but it will also teach kids the value of patience. Teaching them how to cast a rod is the most practical and fun way to get the ball rolling. By the time they reach six or seven years old, their bodies will develop. They’ll be able to cast a rod by themselves and possibly reel in a fish for the first time.

Here are your fishing essentials:

  • Rod – Choose a flexible and soft rod that’s about 4.5 to 5 feet in length.
  • Reel – Opt for a push-button spin caster or an undercast reel with a trigger system.
  • Lures – Small lures can attract smaller fish, which is just right for your children.

Your kid’s first fishing trip should be fun and memorable. For sure, they’d want to catch a fish right away. While there are no guarantees in fishing, the excitement will get them hooked to this activity.

Stock up on their favorite snacks

It’s like going on a picnic, albeit on the open water. If you’re going to couple this with fishing or snorkeling, you’ll need to bring sweet treats that will keep their energy up. Remember that eating on a boat might get messy, so go for snacks that are easy to eat and stay fresh under the heat of the sun.

Here are a few snack ideas:

  • Homemade granola bars with their favorite fixings (M&Ms, raisins, nuts, etc.)
  • Pretzels and mini marshmallows
  • Potato french fries
  • Dried fruit

Set up an inflatable slide

Set up an inflatable water slide on the side of the boat. If your kids love swimming, this is the perfect way to get them to love boating.

Unless they can swim in open waters comfortably, make sure they are wearing a life jacket or given an inflatable tube.

It’s important to keep a constant eye on the kids while they swim. One in every five people who die from drowning are children aged 14 or younger. More than 300 people die each year from drowning in boating-related incidents in the country.

Steer the boat together

Sailing can build your kid’s confidence. Riding a bike is one thing, but imagine being able to steer a boat at the age of eight.

This can also develop their sense of direction. When sailing, your kid will learn how to navigate the waters by determining directions. By mastering this skill, they’ll begin to understand how to get from point A to point B. As a result, they become more aware of their surroundings.

Are you ready to venture out on the Grand Lake? Check boat sales now to get the best bang for your buck. By introducing your kids to boating at an early age, they’ll have fond memories of going out onto the open water with the family. Follow these suggestions to make your kid’s first boating trip extra memorable.

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