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Many industries and businesses took a hit during the pandemic, but some have thrived since then. Surprisingly, the Real Estate industry has experienced a boom after certain restrictions have been taken down. A year after the start of the pandemic, space has never been as valuable. To be more specific, personal spaces have risen to the top of your priorities. As commercial spaces have decreased in consumption, improving your private space has seen an increase in necessity. The rise of the real estate industry has been realized through the need for more space at home.

High rises are down, and the suburbs are hot. There has been a shift in the demand for daily living requirements. Access to downtown and the city has been bumped off in the level of importance in the living situation. The pandemic has brought about the need for more space and access to the outdoors. Sales of previously-owned houses in the suburbs and rural areas are up by more than 20%. People just wanted better homes that would fit their new needs. With mortgage rates low, it is the perfect time to start thinking of acquiring that much-needed extra space. Some have fled south in search of a more affable climate.

Interior Necessities

Since price is subjective, let us push it out of the way for now. Space should be at the top of your priority list in finding a new home. Ample space is in such high demand nowadays due to the increased activities you need to do at home. Look for that perfect corner or room for your home office. Take note of the soundproofing. Conference calls can be annoying, with ambient sounds distracting you and your team. Pick a room with good lighting for your home gym for that Instagram-ready selfie.

Set up that classroom vibe for your homeschooling needs. Make sure that the kitchen can put up with you cooking three meals a day. Take a look at a prospective house and start imagining where everything should go. Check if there are enough bathrooms for everyone. Hogging bathrooms can strain even the strongest family ties. Remember to get an inspection before everything if you want to purchase a move-in-ready home.

Outdoor Wants

You might also want to consider the space you’ll need outdoors. Even with enough space inside, you will still feel a need to stretch your legs outside once in a while. Make sure you have some room to roam outside. A nice lawn would help to stretch your legs. Having a garden can also brighten up your new home. Set aside an area of your lawn where you can plant some flowers or have your vegetable garden. Develop that green thumb in a comfortable place. A nice patio would be nice for a barbecue party. Can you swing a pool? Imagine working poolside in the sun.

Aside from the aesthetics, check the pipes, sewage system, and even the rain gutters. Look if they have that seamless gutter installed. If they don’t, better call your local seamless gutter firms in the area. Suburb climate would clog those regular ones fast. Minimizing home chores will give you more time to deal with the new activities you have to do at home. Make sure to check if the house is move-in ready. Unforeseen renovations of your new home will take a toll on your mental health as well as your wallet.

Local Community

Research your potential local community. Make sure the facilities you will need are present in the area. Filter your wants and needs. Check the local groceries for the items you are going to need. Look around the shops in the area. Talk to your potential neighbors and inquire about security. Having talked to some of your neighbors would also give you a feel for how community interaction is. These are the people you would be hanging out with in the future.

Check out the local amenities in the area, such as basketball courts, parks, or community pools. Take into consideration your mode of transportation as well. Are areas only accessible by private cars, or is public transportation available? Make sure to do your research.

Paradigm Shift

The pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in seeking future homes. Congregating in dense metropolitan areas has seen a sharp decline. It is predicted to go down even further. The trend of needing to live or go downtown has changed. With people being able to work remotely, people are seeking warmer, healthier, and less dense areas to move to. Places with access to the outdoors, open spaces, and ample room for the added responsibilities at home have seen an increase in demand. When looking for your new home, make sure there is ample space.

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