How To Create a Welcoming Ambiance Outdoors for Rentals

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  • Outdoor spaces add significant value to rental properties, offering tenants a luxury, nature-connected oasis.
  • Comfortable seating areas, greenery, and lighting enhance the ambiance and functionality of outdoor spaces.
  • Sheds provide storage, aesthetic appeal, and potentially extra living space for various activities.
  • Outdoor kitchens, designed with quality appliances and fixtures, extend living spaces and offer outdoor entertainment options.

As a rental property owner, one of your goals is to maximize rental value, which requires keeping up with the ever-changing demands of renters. One of the ways to attract and retain tenants is to create an outdoor oasis that connects to nature and provides a welcoming ambiance. Outdoor features can add a touch of luxury to your rental property and make it stand out from the competition. Here are some outdoor features that can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your rental property.

Seating Areas

One of the most popular outdoor features for rentals is a seating area. Whether it’s a patio, porch, or deck, a seating area provides a perfect space for renters to socialize or relax. An inviting seating area can add value to your rental property and make it stand out. Make sure you provide ample seating areas and enough space for tenants to relax and enjoy the area. Here are some other things that you can add:


Adding greenery to the seating area can significantly affect the ambiance. Consider incorporating a variety of plants, from shade-providing trees to vibrant flowers and lush green shrubs. Potted plants are versatile and can be used to create a boundary or add spots of color. Additionally, they help to purify the air, create a peaceful environment, and connect tenants with nature. Remember to choose plants that are appropriate for your local climate and are easy to maintain.

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is a crucial aspect of creating a welcoming outdoor area. Investing in durable, weather-resistant furniture that doesn’t compromise on comfort is key. Opt for stylish and functional pieces — such as deep-seated armchairs, cushioned benches, or even a hammock. These types of seating invite renters to unwind and enjoy their outdoor living space. Add some outdoor throw pillows and blankets for an extra layer of coziness. This way, you improve the aesthetic appeal of your rental property and provide a comfortable space for your tenants to relax and rejuvenate.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an essential feature that can transform the atmosphere of an outdoor space. Not only does it increase safety by illuminating the area, but it also adds a touch of elegance and warmth. You can create a relaxing, cozy environment or a lively, party-like atmosphere depending on your lighting choices. Experiment with different types of lighting — from fairy lights draped around trees to solar lanterns along walkways to accent lights highlighting specific features.

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A shed is not just a functional addition but can also enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. It offers much-needed storage space for gardening tools, outdoor furniture, or even recreational equipment. When well-designed and strategically placed, it can serve as a focal point in your backyard.

If you are quite handy and can construct a shed on your own, you can save some money and customize it to your liking. Opt for easy 8×10 shed plans that can provide ample storage without taking up too much yard space. The key is to ensure that the shed’s style and color match your property’s overall aesthetic.

Furthermore, a shed can provide extra living space for activities such as yoga or painting. Outfitting it with furniture and accessories, such as rugs, wall hangings, and cushions, can make it an inviting retreat that your tenants will appreciate.

small wooden shed in the corner of a backyard

Outdoor Kitchens & Grills

Outdoor kitchens and grills are a great way to extend living spaces and add to the overall ambiance of a rental property. This feature is an excellent way to provide an outdoor entertainment area for renters and can add significant value to your rental property. Here are things to consider:

Design & Location

The design and location of your outdoor kitchen are critical for creating the perfect atmosphere. Consider incorporating elements such as benches, chairs, and a table to make it inviting. Also, choose an area with natural shade or install a canopy to protect against harsh sunlight. The right location can help you create a welcoming place for social gatherings and BBQs.

Appliances & Accessories

The right appliances and accessories can make a huge difference in how functional and attractive your outdoor kitchen is. Invest in high-quality, durable appliances that are designed for outdoor use. Try to incorporate features such as touchless faucets, slow-closing drawers, and LED lights to give your outdoor kitchen a modern flair. Additionally, you can add accessories like utensil holders, cutting boards, and dish racks to the design for convenience.

Lighting & Heating

Lighting and heating are essential elements of a well-designed outdoor kitchen. Choose lighting fixtures that will provide ample illumination but also complement the overall aesthetic of your space. Additionally, consider options for heating, such as fire pits, space heaters, and chimneys. This way, your tenants can enjoy their outdoor kitchen even during cooler months.

By incorporating some of these outdoor features in your rental property, you will create an inviting ambiance that will set your property apart from others. Remember to keep your outdoor space clean and maintained, and provide your renters with seasonal updates as well. Providing renters with an outdoor oasis will not only maximize your rental value, but it will also make renters feel proud and happy to call your property home. By creating a desirable outdoor space, you’re setting up your rental property for long-term success, and tenants will want to remain with your properties.

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