Fun Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation Project

fancy kitchen

A kitchen is an area in your house where you cook and prepare meals for the entire family. If you love to cook, then you consider it as your safe space where you can act freely and comfortably. The kitchen is a witness to some spills, scratches, and other happenings that happen when you are cooking.   It’s only normal that it should be renovated to ensure that it’s still good for use and safe. Here are kitchen renovation tips that you should try:

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting is very important in a kitchen. You need to see clearly what you are cooking, read instructions or labels correctly, and prevent accidents. You can either choose warm or cool lighting to set the ambiance of the kitchen. General lighting and accent lighting are the types of lighting that you should consider. Make sure that their fixtures mix the motif of the rest of the kitchen.

On the other hand, consider natural lighting as your kitchen lighting. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from natural lighting. Take advantage of this by opening your kitchen windows in the morning to let all the light in. Nothing beats cooking in the morning with natural lighting making you feel good.

Change Your Countertops

Like what was previously mentioned, the kitchen sees a lot of mishaps that you need to invest in high-quality stone countertops. You need to be able to do your kitchen duties with utmost functionality and ensure that they can withstand more mishaps in the future. Aside from these, they should be aesthetic enough to add some life or style to the kitchen. Your chosen countertops should be durable enough so you won’t have to spend on another replacement.

fancy kitchen

Opt for Open Shelving

If you currently have cabinets in the kitchen, it’s time to ditch them for open shelving. Open shelving gives a modern look to your kitchen and it also provides a more spacious look. It makes grabbing and putting away dishes a lot easier. If you are a collector of dinnerware and cutlery, this is the perfect type of shelving for it.

Add a Backsplash Of Your Liking

Backsplashes protect your kitchen walls from splatters and spills. Aside from these, they make cleaning easier for you, and they add aesthetic to the kitchen. Some types of backsplashes include stone tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and porcelain tiles. When choosing your backsplash, make sure they blend well with your kitchen aesthetics.

Hang Your Cookware High

Cookware is usually placed in cabinets where it can take up too much space. The logical way to organize your cookware is by hanging them high. They can save cabinet space, and they make a great aesthetic when organized that way. You can make use of hanging racks and s-hooks to hang your cookware high. You can ask for help from an installation expert or from your kitchen designer.

These are usually hung above the kitchen island. This type of cookware arrangement makes it easier for you to look for particular cookware when you’re about to cook. You can easily reach for it then remove it from its hook. Your hooks should be probably attached to prevent it from falling and to prevent accidents as well.

Add Decorations to Your Kitchen

Common kitchen decorations can include flowers, plants, and displays. You can also add artwork in the kitchen if you want to add more creativity to it. The kitchen is the life of the home—therefore, you should add elements that could spark conversations and interest among your guests. A piece of furniture is also a nice addition to your kitchen since it makes the kitchen space cozier.

The kitchen is perhaps the liveliest part of the house. It’s where everyone can talk comfortably, spark interesting conversations, and just be themselves. It’s a place of interaction while you prepare food for your guests. And while being the liveliest place in the house, it is also prone to many mishaps such as spills and scratches that can deem the kitchen unsightly. That’s why we need to renovate it to improve its current state.

A beautiful kitchen makes you more inspired to cook and prepare meals for everyone. And who doesn’t want to get inspired when they’re cooking? If you’re having a hard time putting decorations in your kitchen, you can look for inspiration online. You can even experiment by mixing and matching your favorite pieces. You can then display these pieces in the areas of your kitchen where it is easily noticeable.

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