Five Home Maintenance Projects You Should Focus on This Spring

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Whenever springtime is here, we can’t help wanting to open our windows and enjoy the fresh air. It is the perfect time to have a picnic, take a hike, enjoy outdoor sports, or start a garden. It’s no wonder why many are in love with spring. But as homeowners, there is one thing we need to ensure that our homes are in tip-top condition after the seasons have changed.

Certain home maintenance projects are best done during this wonderful season. Skipping these projects may not make much of a difference – that is until it’s already too late. So make sure to take some time to accommodate the following projects before the season ends:

Window and Gutter Cleaning

When was the last time you gave your windows a thorough cleaning? Do you even remember when you last check if your gutters are free from dirt, leaves, and other debris? This is why spring is the perfect time to clean your windows and clear your gutters. Even if you don’t have enough time to do this yourself, you can always find a local company in Seattle that offers window and gutter cleaning services.

HVAC checkup and maintenance

Your HVAC system may seem like it’s working properly, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip the biannual checkup. Having a technician check your units and see if there is any repair in order will make sure that you can enjoy your desired temperature at all times. They can clean or replace your air filters and check the HVAC system for any signs of damage. You can also try replacing your ordinary filters with HEPA filters. They work better in trapping tiny particles that can cause allergy in your home.

Inspect your roof


Your roof takes the most beating out of any part of your home. So this springtime, don’t forget to inspect your roof. Check for any signs of roof damage such as missing shingles, dents in gutters, mold growth, and damaged flashings. If you find yellowish or rust-colored stains on your ceiling, this can be a sign of a serious roof problem. Call in a local roofer and have them double-check and work on the damage for you.

Double-check your screen doors and windows

Aside from making sure that your screen doors and windows are secure and free from damage, make sure that they can keep the pesky bugs out of your home. Check your screens for any signs of tear or holes and repair them asap. You’ll want as much breeze to come into your home without having to worry about bugs and other insects.

Get rid of pests

Different types of pests can cause different problems for homeowners. Get rid of them on the first sign of infestation inside and outside your home. Prevent mosquitoes from bothering you, especially at night. Get rid of any stagnant water and make sure to keep your surroundings clean. As for the other pests, you can choose to eradicate them yourself or find a pest exterminator to do the dirty job for you.

This list contains some of the best home maintenance projects that you need to prioritize this spring. By staying on top of your home maintenance schedule, you can be sure that your home can take on the challenges that the next season has to offer. What other home maintenance projects do you intend to take on this season?

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