Brighten Up Your Home: Light Fixtures You Should Add to Your Home

well lit room

There are a variety of ways to improve how your home would look.

Some people focus on adding beautiful art pieces and decors. Meanwhile, others work more on general interior design and color palette. Some people, however, enhance their home’s appearance by adding the right light fixtures.

Just by adding the right lighting, you can already improve how your home looks. You do not even have to do significant remodeling.

Why is Lighting Important?

With the right lighting, your home can become brighter. It instantly lifts the mood and makes your home look better.

Perfect lighting is also essential when you have a smaller space. A well-lit and brighter room can give the illusion of a wider space. That is why small apartments try to bring in more natural light with bigger windows. They also install brighter fixtures that provide light to every corner of the room.

How to Light your Home

That said, here are some tips and considerations that you should take if you want to guarantee a better-looking home.

Consider your ceiling’s height

Hanging light fixtures can provide excellent lighting for an entire room, but you always need to consider the height or your ceiling.

You will want something that does not hang too low to avoid accidents. But, you also wouldn’t want a hanging fixture that is too high, or it will not be able to illuminate the entire room properly.

For a typical 8-foot ceiling, the bottom of the light should be hung at around 12 to 20 inches below.

Know what types of lightbulbs are available

There are LED bulbs, halogen, and compact fluorescent lightbulbs that are available today. They come in different warm and cool hues that could significantly change the atmosphere of a room.

It is best to choose warm hues against cooler-toned walls and vice versa.

Be more creative and decorative

Lights do not always have to be boring. There are more light fixtures these days that also serve as decor. They can further help set the mood.

If you want to enhance the appearance of your home, you can choose these fixtures.

Some fixtures are not also meant to provide illumination. They are meant to be decors such as neon lights and smart Christmas lights that change colors when lit.

Get smart lighting

smart light for automation

Technology nowadays is so amazing that you can control even your lighting with your smartphone. It is a great idea to enhance your home.

You are not just improving its look but also its value.

Several brands offer smart light bulbs. These are bulbs that connect to your home’s central hub. Then, you can connect to the central hub to control the lights around the house.

You can change their hue and even their color, which is excellent as you can instantly change the atmosphere and mood around your home.

Lighting is everything. It can turn a dull house into a bright one and change the mood in an instant. It can also be decorative and allows you to play with your home’s look.

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