5 Tips for Renovating a Bathroom


Renovating your bathroom is one of the most popular overhauls in Brisbane, possibly because the return on your home investment is very high. The cost of remodelling a bathroom can be as high or low as you want. While it’s easy to refresh yourself with new dressing tables, faucets, and accessories for less than $ 1,000, many people prefer to pull it all out and start over. A brand new, modernised bathroom ranges from $ 10,000. Also, note that the cost of repairing a small bathroom is likely to differ from the cost of repairing a large bathroom.

Consider the following bathroom renovation tips:

1. Determine the Exact Bathroom Requirements

Would you like to expand your bathroom? Do you want to add windows? Do you still need a sink? Do you need to replace the tiles in the bathroom? Consider how your ultimate bathroom will appear and then prioritise it according to your needs.

2. Gather Ideas for the Design of the Bathroom

Bathroom design

Several architectural plans will assist you and your reconstruction specialists to visualise your completed project, but the design preparation can come in handy. Contact the designer for ideas, or read magazines and extract ideas, photos, or designs that meet your requirements. For a designer, it can also be useful if you can draw your sketch on grid paper. All of these things will help you express to your bathroom repair professionals.

3. Set a Realistic Budget for Remodeling Your Bathroom

At this stage, you also require to determine how you want to finance the renovation of your bathroom. Do you have investments or do you need a loan? The response to that is a factor in your budget.

Will it be a major overhaul, or will you make small changes? When planning your budget, consider which design ideas you need and whether they relate to the more expensive side. It’s also always cheaper if you do not want to reinstall plumbing fixtures like sinks or toilets. In case you have a smaller budget plan, it is more cost-effective to integrate the present bathroom outline into a new design.

4. Do Not Forget the Building Authorisations

Before starting the repair, make sure you have received a building permit from your city council or county government. Otherwise, renovating your bathroom can be significantly more expensive.

5. Consider Popular Trends in Bathroom Design

The second sink became very popular when repairing bathrooms because two people can use the bathroom simultaneously. Another common style in bathroom design is the separation of the toilet from the bathroom.

In case you have a shower only, you should replace it with a bathtub that can serve as both a shower and a bathtub. Whirlpool bathtubs are also very common in modern bathrooms. Almost everyone chooses an exhaust fan in the bathroom, which often includes a heating timer.

It is also important to choose experts who will produce the design you want. A professional bathroom renovation in Brisbane is offered by specialists who understand what they are doing. So it’s wiser to entrust this project to experts than to go the DIY route.

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