5 Easy DIY Plumbing Repair Tasks

pipes under the bathroom sink

Homeowners often go calling for a professional the moment they notice plumbing issues inside the house, which is a good thing to practice. However, some tasks are easy enough for you to perform. If you fail to do simple plumbing repairs, you might end up spending a lot for plumbing services when professionals arrive. It will be intimidating if you do not have the skills and experience you need to do the task. You will experience troubles at first, but you will be able to get the hang of it. Here are some of the plumbing repairs you can do on your own:

Applying Caulk

Your bathroom will be full of small spaces where water can enter. Bathtubs, toilets, and sinks are some of the areas that have seals to prevent leaks. However, these seals deteriorate over time. To prevent problems, you should apply caulk on top of it. This task does not ask much from a regular homeowner. All you need is to remove the old caulk, preferably using a razor blade, before applying a new one.

Fixing Faucet Leaks

Running water is a nuisance because it can make the water bill go high. You need to fix the leak immediately to prevent wasting water. You must provide a fast solution for leaks, which is why many homeowners are calling professionals for the job. However, you will save money by repairing the leaky faucets by yourself. You must first find the source of the leak. The sprout and the base of a faucet are the most common leaking areas. You should consider buying a new faucet to remove your problems.

Unclogging Drains

Hair and small shampoo products can clog a bathroom drain, and you will notice this easily if you see a puddle while taking a bath. You do not need to call a plumber immediately when this happens, though. Consider using a brush to remove the items causing the clog. If the issues are coming from below the drain, try pouring a cleaning solvent. Although you need to limit chemical use to avoid damaging the pipes. If you still fail to unclog the drain, your last resort is to hire a plumber in Provo or anywhere in your state to fix this issue.

plumber fixing pipe with wrench

Stopping a Running Toilet

A running toilet will waste water at high speed, which will reflect on your medical bill. Fortunately, you can pinpoint the cause right away. Look at the flush and the toilet tank to figure out what you need to do. If you cannot locate the problem, you should consider cutting the water supply until a professional arrives.

Insulating Pipes

Frozen pipes will give you less access to hot water. Moreover, you might have a difficult time showering because the water froze inside the pipes. When the plumbing system experiences cold, the pipes might deteriorate. In some cases, you might have a pipe burst inside your home. You should consider adding heating pads to the pipelines to prevent cooling the water enough to turn solid. This is useful for homeowners, especially during the winter season.

Solving plumbing issues will make you spend money on maintenance and repair, but you can perform some tasks inside the bathroom by yourself. You will eventually get the hang of it.

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